Young Justice New Members Revealed Today During SDCC Panel

The new series titled Young Justice: Outsiders will be one of the latest announced shows to hit DC’s new digital service coming soon. A new member, called  Thirteen, was displayed and led fans to theorize she might be an incarnation of Traci Thirteen, who is the magician daughter of Doctor Thirteen. When questioned if she would be the first LGBT member on Young Justice, producer Greg Weisman responded with “We already have LGBT members of Young Justice.”

There’s also been some buzz over the following image reveal below as well. These are the veteran Young Justice members who have become more of a mentor group to the newer aspiring superheroes. It has not been announced who the male standing next to Superboy is, however most fans theorize this is Malcolm Duncan (AKA Herald/Vox/Hornblower) who has one of the first black superheroes published by DC. He’s also married to Karen Duncan in the comics (AKA Bumblebee).

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