America: Past. Present. And Future?? (America #4 Comic Review)

America #4 Review


Writer: Gabby Rivera

Art: Joe Quinones

Color: Jose Villarubia

What You Need to Know:  I’ll actually summarize using America’s own words:


“Okay, remember how I punched a monster made of energy who was terrorizing Maltixa? That was cool, right? But then, my girlfriend, Lisa, jumped ship on our, like, whole life plan. So not cool enough, I guess. I moved on. Started college alone. Found my old friend, Prodigy there, too. Then my powers started sending me back in time, which was hella weird, but I met Peggy Carter and mohawk Storm. So it wasn’t all bad… until Lisa was kidnapped by the Chavez Guerillas aka the teens I saved on Maltixa. Yeah, I got mad but they need me…’cuz the monster is back and even with Prodigy and the Leelumultipass Phi Theta Betas on my side, this doesn’t look good.”


She has an endearing way of really getting to the punch (ha, see what I did?)


In this Issue: We begin in the past, over 10 years ago. America’s mothers, Elena and Amalia, are making the ultimate sacrifice to save their home in the Utopian Parallel; and America. The Utopian Parallel exists outside reality and time and black holes are starting to pull it into the multiverse, into reality. Amalia and Elena are the only ones powerful enough to seal it, and for America, they use their love and seal their own fates as well.


In the present, America is fighting the energy monster with all of her friends and she gets the idea to create a portal to the day the monster first appeared. She encounters her past self and together they open a portal and imprison the monster in a containment cell for Blue Marvel and Prodigy to study. They realize someone actually created it. But who?


Remember the mysterious cloaked figure? She’s back, knows the names of America’s mothers (gasp!), and she’s created star portals (another gasp!) for everyone to go home, so she can speak to America alone. She’s who has been guiding America to the past and telling Storm and Peggy about her. The woman, Madrimar, wants to tell an angry America about her destiny. America is angry that Madrimar would bring up her mothers and make her doubt her control over her powers. She wants Madrimar out of her life. Under her hood, Madrimar is an older woman who bears a striking resemblance to America. Of course, rather than stay and listen, America leaves. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this woman is an older America or what.


Final Thoughts: This is the first issue that seemed slow to me. But, I get we can’t always have fast paced fun with people like Storm and Peggy Carter. I’m curious about Madrimar and what is in store for America though! Gabby and the team haven’t let me down yet.


Rating: 7/10

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