Ex-Girlfriends and the X-Men (America #3 Comic Review)

America #3 Review


Written by Gabby Rivera

Art by Joe Quinones

Cover by Joe Quinones

What You Need to Know:


America Chavez’s Maltixan superfans, The Chavez Guerillas, have kidnapped America’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa. America’s newfound power to punch through dimensions has really gotten her into some weird places…and times. In WWII, America discovered that Peggy Carter had been expecting her and that she’s got a destiny of some sort. Doesn’t everyone though?


In This Issue!:


America punches through the dimensional barrier and ends up rescuing Lisa. Easy. Just kidding, she actually ends up face to fist with The Juggernaut. She’s in the Danger Room with the X-Men, in the 1980’s!! I actually squealed because Storm, in all her glory, is rocking her mohawk. Back to the story, Storm has been expecting America! It’s like every amazing woman in history is ready to meet this dynamo. Storm teaches America to center herself amidst the chaos of her mind and powers. By learning how to trust from Ororo, America feels the weight of her life and sorrows lift.


After her lessons are done, America opens a portal to Maltixa. There, she finds the Guerillas with Lisa; watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. America is obviously enraged and ready to destroy everyone, but these girls just want a leader. After all, America owes them. She says “Nothing comes back from one of my punches,”, however; remember the energy monster from issue 1? Yeah, it’s back with friends. The energy beings begin attacking America and the Chavez Guerillas brutally. Lucky for them, The Leelumultipass Phi Theta Betas show up to help kick some ass. Just before we’re left with another cliffhanger, the biggest energy monster says “America Chavez! The Mark is upon you and must be crushed!” Leaving all of us asking, “The WHAT is on her????”


Final Thoughts:


After last issue opening all the plot points, I was happy that they’re finally getting smoothed out. Seeing the X-Men really made my day. I absolutely love that era and it was really cute seeing America react to Nightcrawler. The pacing is amazing as far as the storyline goes. Gabby Rivera is keeping my attention and is the comic writer I always dreamed of. Joe Quinones is at it again with the amazing art. His portrayal of the X-Men was fresh yet nostalgic at the same time. Amazing. I can’t wait to see what this “Mark” is and how America will continue on her path to destiny.

Rating: 8.5/10

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