Who You Gonna Call? Heroes in a Half Shell!

The turtles are back, once again joining forces with another fierce foursome!  Leonardo and Peter Venkman.  Donatello and Egon Spengler.  Michelangelo and Ray Stanz.  Rafael and…Winston Zedmore?  The fun crossover that excited fans in 2014 is back for a sequel, and it sounds like it will definitely be better than Ghostbusters 2 or TMNT Secret of the Ooze!

With the turtles trapped in a ghost dimension by an old opponent, they have to hope New York’s finest slime crew can help them out.  Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz, the co-writers of both the original crossover event and this one, promise to bring in enemies of both groups and mix them all together!  And the best part is?  This isn’t a stand alone series!  The repercussions of this 5-issue miniseries will be felt in the individual titles!

“When Erik and I first broached the idea of joining the TMNT with the Ghostbusters way back when, it felt like a wonderfully impossible dream,” said Waltz.  “Well, that dream came true with the first volume in a big way, and now I’m absolutely ecstatic to have the opportunity to once again help bring my two favorite quartets together for another massive comic book crossover event!”

Joining Burnham and Waltz in writing the series is lead Ghostbuster artist, Dan Schoening.  The art will be handled by another (possibly alternating) foursome:  Pablo Tunica, Tadd Galusha, Mark Torres, and C.P. Wilson III, all four of which are known for their art on various TMNT titles.

The first issue will be on shelves November 1, 2017 and continue weekly!

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