Bats, Cats, and Dogs! Oh My! (Batgirl #13 Comic Review)

Batgirl #13

Written by Hope Larson

Pencils and Ink by Inaki Miranda

Colors by Eva De La Cruz


Batgirl and Catwoman team up to find some missing…. pets.

What you need to know: Babs has been volunteering at an elementary on weekends teaching the kids coding. Esme is one of her students. Esme is a bright child and loves dogs, especially celebrity dogs. When Esme finds out that Rookie a famous pooch in Burnside is missing, she goes to look for him. She runs into some trouble with some minor hoods and is saved by Batgirl. Batgirl is about to take Esme home when she sees Catwoman on the prowl. Esme mentions that she might lose Catwoman if she takes Esme home. Batgirl reluctantly takes Esme along. Catwoman is looking for her cat, Isis, who is also missing. Apparently, Isis is big on Pixtagraph (the DC version of Instagram I would assume). The two animals are connected because they did an advertisement together. Yes, Catwoman has a famous cat who does ads. The Bat and the Cat decide to team to find out the truth about cats and dogs.

What you’ll find out: After some quick investigating, they find the building where the animals are being held. The pets have been taken by none other than the Velvet Tiger, an old foe of Batgirl. Batgirl and Catwoman make quick work of Velvet Tiger and her henchman with the help of Esme and the animals. The pets and Esme are then returned to their homes.

What just happened: This story was another filler issue, but I liked it better than the previous entry. The story was a bit more tied into the series because Esme was introduced several issues before this one. It was nice to see Batgirl and Catwoman team up, even if the events were a bit silly. This issue was very cute and I like Miranda’s art. Velvet Tiger was taken down a little too easily. It would have been cool to see Catwoman and Velvet Tiger fight. The fight was resolved quickly because it was a one and done issue. The next issue starts an arc guest starring Nightwing.


Final Thoughts: This issue was an improvement over the last installment, even if it skewed a little cutesy. This series is designed to attract a younger audience, but it has lots of good moments. I am looking forward to see the team up with Nightwing.



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