“SINNERS. IN NEED OF SALVATION.” (Detective Comics #961 Comic review)

Detective Comics #961 “Intelligence: Part Four! Ghost in a Shell”

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez

Color: Brad Anderson

Cover: Yasmine Putri

Batwing and team continue to find a way to somehow control the suit of Sorrows and shut down Ascalon for good. With Azrael in there way, can they fight their friend to save him or must they put him down like Ascalon? Things are heating up as the story unfolds.

What you need to know: “There is no Jean-Paul. There is only Azrael!”

What you’ll find out: Jean-Paul Valley has fallen to Azrael as it controls his body. In his place, Azrael has renewed himself in his vow. Now facing his former friends, he begins to rid the world from the filth and make the world new again. Ascalon and his new devoted followers search for Nomoz.

What just happened? Jean-Paul finds out the truth about Ascalon and why he has begun to see things, but is it too late for Jean-Paul? Azrael now is in full control of his body. Batwoman and Cassandra work together to face Azrael as he attacks them with all his might. Ascalon gets closer to finding Nomoz and in his search, questions the sake of the people of Gotham.

Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts: Last time I said Detective Comics took a step backwards from its previous issues, that is not the case in this new issue. Writer James Tynion IV cranks up the volume and things are really getting back on track. Jean-Paul has lost his spotlight and in his place Azrael has full control. This is what I was waiting for, the team is back as they were M.I.A in the last issue and the fight was epic. Also, the last panel will bring back some nostalgic awesomeness.    


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