THE MATTER IS WELL IN HAND. (Ghostbusters 101 #5 Comic Review)

Ghostbuster 101 #5 “Anxiety and a Bronx whale”

Writer: Erik Burnham
Art: Dan Schoening
Cover: Dan Schoening
Colors by: Luis Antonio Delago and Anna Chher

Racing to find out what has brought two dimensions together, The Ghostbusters must settle their differences if they want to save the two worlds once again. Finding out what is causing this “Dimensional Bleed”, The Ghostbusters from two dimensions begin to build something that will help them to close the Ley lines.

What you’ll need to know:

The Ghostbusters have taken in intern/students to someday pass the torch; Cait Banner, Zoe Zawadzki, Evan Torres, and Garrett Parker. While left on their own, they head to the basement of the firehouse, there they show Garrett what The Ghostbusters have been working on; a doorway to alternate dimensions. Playing around with the equipment they open the door, telling Garrett to stick his hand through the door (Totally safe right?). There’s a catch, if left open for too long, the doorway will attract ghost from the other dimension (Woops!). Forgetting to let Garrett know, a ghost pulls on his arm through the doorway; Zoe turns off the doorway, and some of the ghosts’ energy stayed on Garrett’s clothes. Now the ghosts have split across two universes. Enter another version of The Ghostbusters! Will they Answer the Call!?


What you’ll find out:

Two different Ghostbusters in the same dimension? Wait hasn’t this happened before? Yes it has, but this time the ladies from Answer the Call join in to save the worlds. Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and Co. have joined together with Abby, Erin, Jillian, Patty, and Co. to stop the two universes from merging together. Because as Egon states, “The misalignment of our dimensional frequencies would shake the world apart at a molecular level inside of six months. Give or take.” (Wow! Things are really getting serious.) Finding out that the Ley lines are the source of what is wrong, the teams race to build something to reverse what is going on in hopes that everything can go back to normal. Honestly, what is “normal” in a Ghostbusters universe? Also there’s a whale in the Bronx.

What just happened?

As things begin to heat up, Walter Peck tells Janine to keep him in the loop as the teams come together in finding out how to fix the two dimensions from merging. As they get closer, The Ghostbusters must be divided to go up to the Bronx regarding “strange noises”. The ones left at the fire house stay to collect readings on the Class 101 from when they opened the door to the other dimension. Winston, Peter, Patty, and Jillian go up to the Bronx where they realize the call led them to a cemetery and something smells fishy. As the teams meet up again at the fire house, they come to a realization they must disrupt the Manhattan Ley lines to unstick the ghost that is trapped in the two dimensions. Jillian Holtzman is not a happy camper.

Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts: Ghostbusters! What do you want! I always wanted to say that. As a Ghostbusters fan (which I have a tattoo of Slimer being trapped on my arm) this new comic of them taking in interns/students is a great idea. Why wouldn’t they? They already have a branch out in Chicago, and with so much crazy stuff happening, they would need help. I know a lot of Ghostbuster fans do not like the 2016 Answer the Call Ghostbusters; I for one enjoyed it. Personally I would have loved to see The Extreme Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters 101 mashes the two franchises perfectly together, with a great theory of why there are so many different versions of Ghostbusters. If you’re a Ghostbuster fan of either both or of all, you should be reading this. Go and catch yourself some Ghostbusters 101.


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