The People Make Their Move and Harley Reveals her Leadership Capabilities (Suicide Squad #22 Comic Review)

Suicide Squad #22


Written by Rob Williams

Drawn by Agustin Padilla, colored by Pat Brosseau

Cover Art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira & Adriano Lucas

Variant Cover Art by Whilce Portacio & Alex Sinclair

Amanda Waller comes face to face with Direktor Karla of The People and Harley Quinn proves her merit as the new team leader of the Suicide Squad in this issue.

What You Need to Know:  This issue picks up directly after the last, with Amanda Waller being captured and Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad facing down the narrow seconds to their death with a bomb being planted and armed at the home base of The People which they just infiltrated. Most of this issue is spent with Amanda Waller being convinced by Direktor Karla that their two groups have similar interests and should combine their strengths to combat metahuman wars and circumvent the human casualties that are often a byproduct of these battles.

The only complaint I have with the storyline is the group that can best be described is the “worldwide Suicide Squad” called The People. DC has several well-established groups that could have been used for this arc, rather than inventing a new one. For instance: Cadmus, Project 7734,  Everyman Project, etc.

What Just Happened:  Amanda Waller is shown to be escaping from The People (a very loosely applied word here as the reader is led to believe she probably was invited to leave) and the Suicide Squad facing imminent death. Harley had ordered Deadshot to shoot Killer Croc in the previous issue and while that seemed to be a miscalculation last issue, readers come to realize the calculated thought process behind that decision in this issue. As Waylon was shot, enchantress rises up in all her ire and literally stops time to beat on Deadshot, giving the team the time to access The People’s time and escape the explosion. (By the way, both Deadshot and Killer Croc are OK)

Katana finally understands why Waller picked her as the new team lead as Harley seems to have picked up some of Waller’s lesser-loved traits of sheer ruthlessness to accomplish her goal.

The team also discovers the identity of who killed Hack, leading them to brutally beat and leave Captain Boomerang to freeze to death in the snow.

What’s Next? Amanda has ‘escaped’ The People and set a new mission for the Suicide Squad: Capture and arrest Batman and Killer Frost. What does this mean? We’ll have to see next issue.

Rating: 9.5/10

Final Thoughts: Suicide Squad is one of the shining gems to come out of DC Rebirth and I can’t wait for more.

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