“Old Friends” (X-Men Blue #8 Comic Review)

X-Men Blue #8


Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artists: Cory Smith & Joey Vazquez

Inker: Terry Pallot

Colorist: Matt Milla

A SECRET EMPIRE TIE-IN! Continuing the events of the last issue, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Iceman have all been captured by Havok and his squad of former X-allies and taken to New Tian, the so-called Safe Haven for mutants governed over by Xorn and Emma Frost. Marvel Girl and Jimmy Hudson (mistakenly believed to have perished in the attack) find unexpected help in getting their friends back.

What you’ll find out: With a combination of Jean’s TK shielding and Jimmy Hudson taking the brunt of Havok’s attack, they explode from underground having saved themselves from the devastation. Magneto’s safe house has been destroyed and all of their teammates, including Briar Raleigh, are gone. As they regroup, a voice from above calls to them, stating that their friends are being tracked and offers transportation to go get them. Actually, the “transportation” is speaking to them. It is the Blackbird. Shocked, the two agree and head off.

What worked for me and what didn’t:

The art team did very well this issue. The double page spread of the “X-Men” coming to rescue Jean and Jimmy was great fun to see (and what a fantastic lineup!) Many of the facial expressions by various characters were spot on.

Rating 9/10

Final thought: After last issue’s success, X-Men Blue #8 offers a fantastic second installment to this adventure!



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James Cesena
Some of my earliest comic book memories are at age 4, when I was allowed to read comics left behind by my uncle, who passed away a few years before I was born. He had amazing Silver Age gems in his collection, ranging from DC's Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Batman, and The Legion of Superheroes to Marvel's Fantastic Four, Thor, Strange Tales and The Avengers. I was fortunate to have inherited not only his comics, but his passion for the genre. Some of the titles I started collecting on my own were Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and The Mighty Avengers, during the late 1970's. I witnessed the dawn of the Bronze Age of comics, and I've been collecting ever since. Most of my attention has been given to the X-Men universe of books, which have always been my favorite. I welcome all feedback and I look forward to discussing my reviews. You can find me regularly on Facebook as a Moderator for a fantastic X-Men page called Age of X-Men, where we welcome discussion, art, and just about anything within the X-Men universe.