“Five Days of death. Five days of blood. Five days!” (Batman #28 Comic Review)

Batman #28: The War of Jokes and Riddles: Part 3

Writer: Tom King

Art: Mikel Janin

Cover: Mikel Janin

Pencils: Mikel Janin

Inks: Mikel Janin

Colors: June Chung

Gotham City is crumbling and soon it will fall to its knees as the War takes its toll. Will Batman and Commissioner Gordon have time to save it or will it be lost forever? The War between The Joker and The Riddler has escalated where no one is safe. Madness has reigned over Gotham.

What you need to know: Gotham has been truly divided by The Joker and The Riddler. Everyone lives in terror as Batman tries to stop the madness that has fallen into his beloved city. The body counts keep rising.

What you’ll find out: A man is not caught in between this war versus The Joker and The Riddler (like the last issue), but the entire city of Gotham.  Commissioner Gordon tries his best to make a deal with both sides; their answer is given in blood!

What just happened? Bruce is back continuing his narration of his biggest failure. This time he tells us about the courageous act by Commissioner Gordon and what he tried to do. Commissioner Gordon steps up to the plate only to see madness up close face to face. The Joker capturing Gotham’s upper Westside while The Riddler has captured the East, both sides in constant battles with only a mere hour of ceasefire for the GCPD to clean up the bodies. The only man that stands between them now is Batman. When Commissioner Gordon does not come back to either The Joker or The Riddler, the war escalates as one side sends Deadshot and the other side sends Deathstroke. Seeing themselves on opposite sides of the same mission they begin a blood bath that lasts for five days. Batman racing to save as many civilians as he can, but in a war there will always be casualties. Tired of all the death and madness, Batman loses himself in a fight between Deadshot and Deathstroke.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thoughts: Tom King shows us the dangers of living in Gotham and writes them in perfection. The War of Jokes and Riddles is a must read for any Batman fan. Things have come undone in Gotham and we the readers must stand by and watch as many lose their lives in a War they are not part off. Batman truly tries his best to stop it, but only a year in as Batman he can only do so much. This is the toughest decision of his life. How to save Gotham? Before there is nothing left to save.


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