Best Friend Road Trip! (America #5 Comic Review)

America #5 Review


Written by Gabby Rivera & Kelly Thompson

Art: Ramon Villalobos

Cover: Jen Bartel


What You Need to Know:


After saving the Chavez Guerrillas from that mysterious energy monster on Maltixa (with help from Prodigy, The Leelumultipass Phi Beta Thetas, and even Blue Marvel), America is taking a much needed break from weird power entities, time traveling, and a strange older woman who claims to know her mothers. So, she’s on the West Coast with her best friend and incredible archer, Kate Bishop.


In This Issue:


We see a change up in art style, which, I feel compliments Hawkeye writer, Kelly Thompson’s cowriting. It really feels like the perfect blend of Hawkeye x America.


Kate and America spend hours driving the desert highways to see America’s oldest friend, Magdalena. America reminisces on the days when she and Nena would spar in the boxing ring together and how she had to hide her powers. Were the just friends, though? Not quite, Magdalena seems to have been America’s first kiss! Now, a professional boxer, Mags needs America’s help for some mysterious reason. Hopefully she’s not in too much trouble.


Kate spots a helicopter and a mysterious biker tailing them, and after a while in a beautiful gesture, Magdalena on her motorcycle, reaches across the road to give America flowers! Very romantic, but the moment is short lived when like 20 cyborgs on motorcycles and in helicopters attack!


Kate and America leap into superhero mode and destroy them easily and eventually make it to Magdalena and America’s old spot on top of a neon sign. While they catch up on old times (and old feelings), Kate is sitting in the Firebird thinking. She recognizes the symbol from the cyborgs as matching the one on Nena’s motorcycle, unfortunately, just as Magdalena regretfully injects something green into America’s back with a tearful “I’m sorry”. We’re left with America falling and Kate running towards her.


“Rise up, mi gente, America needs you.”


Final Thoughts: Ok, the change in artwork was very jarring at first but after I looked at more Kate Bishop comics, I could understand the tone more. That’s on me for not expanding my horizons more. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful glimpse of a story of old love, friendship, and now betrayal. Hopefully, whatever is in store for America next, is better than what we just left off on!


Rating: 8/10

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