A Sexy Secret Agent/ Super Hero Team Up (Nightwing #26 Comic Review)

Nightwing #26

Writer: Tim Seeley

Art: Javier Fernandez

Colors: Chris Sotomayor


Nightwing is reunited with his former partner in Spyral during his secret agent days, The Huntress, in the wake of the murder of his friend and member of the former villains known as the Run Offs, the hacker known as Giz.

What You Need to Know:

Following a harrowing confrontation with the newly, self crowned kingpin of crime in Bludhaven, Blockbuster, Nightwing is confronted by his annoying girlfriend, The Defacer, who decides that their relationship cannot go on and dumps him.

Defacer. Dumps Nightwing.

Anyway, Nightwing tasks his weird little cyber buddy, Giz, with investigating a mysterious and nefarious whisper organization known as The Second Hand that has Bludhaven in its grip. Giz gets too close to the mystery, and his girlfriend, Mouse, finds him viciously murdered at his computer.

What Just Happened?

Dick Grayson attends the funeral of his friend, Giz, and the tension is palpable. He feels that everyone blames him for Giz’s death, and he blames himself.

He’s understandably on edge. As he’s showering, he finds his home invaded and, in a towel, rushes to confront his attacker, which, to his surprise, is his former Spyral agent partner, The Huntress. Helena flirts with the hottie and consoles him before revealing that it was Batgirl who told her that he was hurting. She used her connections to find out who murdered his friend, a creep named Gianni Dracul, who is apparently not as immortal as his namesake.

Someone is going through a LOT of trouble to hide the identity of the Second Hand, and our detectives, at long last, make the shocking discovery and it has them both shaken to their cores.

As Nightwing and Huntress the disgusting, skeevy underbelly of Bludhaven to hunt for Giz’s killer and find his connection to the Second Hand, his annoying exgirlfriend, Defacer, is having a crisis of faith and contemplates a return to her former life of crime.

Final Thought:

Again, my opinion is the Nightwing deserves a much better supporting cast. The sexual chemistry between Dick and Helena is palpable, a much better fit than Shawn the Defacer. And, Nightwing whines a loooooot. He’s emo-Batman, Jr. here.

Snap out of it, Dick!

There’s some good action here, and the twist ending really shocked me. Despite all of the feels permeating the book, it still is a fun read.

Rating: 6/10


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