Surprise, Surprise! Part 1 (Harley Quinn #25 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #25

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Artist: Chad Hardin
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Cover: Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair
Variant Cover: Frank Cho

Harley Loves Joker #9
Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti and Paul Dini

What You’ll Need To Know:

Before the end of the Family Circles, in issue #23 we are introduced to another character who is out for Harley. Of course, loads of people are, but this is a major plot against her! We are at the start of the Surprise, Suprise Arc.

In This Issue:

It’s the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn’s creation! So we see tons of awesome characters and familiar faces to come celebrate her birthday (even though it’s not for another month in a half). We’ve strayed away from the plot of the menacing Harley Sin for a bit, but that will for sure cause some problems in the future. She thinks she is throwing a birthday party for her friend Sy, an old man with bionic features for his birthday, but it turns out all her friends threw the party for her! We get to see The Gotham City Sirens together, RedTool, The Gang Of Harley’s, and Harley Quinn’s old roller derby team! In the midst of this fun get together, they are ambushed by snipers! Who gets shot? Who gives Harley the best birthday present?

In Harley Loves Joker #9, she’s dealing with a ticking time bomb. That is aside from The Joker. She is still trying to find a way to pay for all the renovations made to her and Joker’s place-you’d think they’d have money right? She can’t take the money that Joker has so that puts her in a predicament. Harley’s gotten involved with people she can’t just push around or threaten!

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts: This is such a fun issue! You get to see Harley kicking serious ass. This is a funny, campy, action-packed issue for Harley’s Birthday!

I love Chad Hardin’s arts a lot more because it captures character detail a lot more. Never dull.


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