Is he Master of Spectacular trickery or is he something more? (Mister Miracle #1 Comic Review)

Mister Miracle#1

Writer: Tom King

Ink/Colors/Pencils: Mitch Gerads

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Nick Derington

Scott Free is back! As the greatest escape artist, he has escaped from many horrendous events in his life. Many of his acts, even the Justice League have noticed and added him to the team. But there is one thing that no man, woman, child, or New God can escape; Death! Can the greatest escape artist escape Death?

What you need to know: Scott Free has everything he’s ever wanted; a wonderful badass wife, fame, and being a superhero. So why does he still feel empty? He must try and do something too outrageous that will truly make his name “Mister Miracle” mean something. Prepare yourself to see Mister Miracle try the most daring and dangerous act ever in his life!

What you’ll find out: After coming back home from the hospital from trying the most dangerous act ever, Scott Free feels like something is wrong with him. He tries to continue to live his life as it used to be but Barda begins to suspect not everything is right with Scott. Even Scott himself feels that he is not truly there anymore; Darkseid is.

What just happened? After the attempts of his greatest escape and being back home, Scott Free begins to change and he can feel it. At home watching TV, Orion shows up and puts a beating on Scott Free insisting him to stand after every blow. Scott Free continues to get up until Barda steps in and stops the hits; Orion leaves as Barda consults Scott from the events that have occurred recently in his life. As life continues to move on, things begin to change rapidly for Scott Free and Barda. Finding out that a resistance has organized at New Genesis, Scott and Barda must go to stop Drakseid who now has The Anti-Life Equation. Worried about what has happened to him in recent days, Mister Miracle begins to doubt himself; something he has never done before.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thoughts: Wow! Just wow! Coming into this, I was not expecting such great story telling. I mean Tom King is great, but he really out did himself. Tom King truly is showing off his skills as story teller as we go into the life of Scott Free (Mister Miracle) after his attempt of his greatest escape. Mitch Gerad’s art goes perfectly with Tom King’s Mister Miracle, where it’s not all sunshine and rainbows or dark and gritty. They make Mister Miracle feel like it could be one of us, even though he is a New God. I can’t wait to see where Mister Miracle’s journey takes us.

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