The Shadow Returns Once Again… (The Shadow #1 Comic Review)

The Shadow #1

Written by Si Spurrier & Dan Watters

Illustrated by Daniel HDR

Colored by Natalia Marques

Lettered by Simon Bowland




What you need to know:

The Shadow a man of mystery is back and rebooted after his orginal debut back in the 1930’s in pulp novels, the man in a black trench coat and hat with a vivid red scarf floating in the wind, what lies behind the dark eyes of this vigilante.

What just happened

The 1st issue is very smart I almost didn’t figure out where it was leading until a few pages before the end, the stage is set a Nurse telling a burnt out shell of a man a story.

The story is set many years ago two students snap and blame the world for all their trouble and start shooting up a school the nurse happened to go to this school and was a hostage facing down the barrel of a gun.

The shadow a man who clearly knows that he is one with the dark, he clearly does what he has to in achieving what he feels is right to save the hostages.

I got to say I think am hooked already nothing beats a character who is as dark as the villains he is taking on. The art is amazing everything looks real and feels like it could happen in everyday life.

Final Thoughts

The story as the perfect blend of clever dialogue and action to pull you in, I enjoy the nurse telling the story of the past and how it affects the now, the little twist at the end has me grasping for more of the Shadow and where has he been.

Rating: 7/10

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