Edge of Venomverse revisits Old Man Logan in an Epilogue to the Original Tale (Edge of Venomverse #4 Comic Review)

Edge of Venomverse #4

Written by Ryan Key
Drawn by Andre Lima Araujo, Colored by Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Art by Francesco Mattina

Edge of Venomverse Issue 4 is out and our latest symbiote-bonded specimen is no other than Earth-807128’s Old Man Logan! Set in this alternate reality, Logan has been left by Banner Jr after he realizes Logan killed his biological dad. Drinking away his misery, he’s visited by Warren (Angel) and told his son Scotty is still alive.

What You Need to Know:

This issue builds on Marvel’s 2008 Wolverine series, set in an alternate Earth where supervillains rule North America and most Superheroes have been killed or driven into hiding. Old Man Logan, brainwashed by Mysterio, has killed most of the X-Men and is driven into seclusion, rejecting his past life and use of his claws. When he takes a job from Hawkeye, his family is murdered by the Hulk Gang in his absence. Finally feeling like he can unleash his claws, he butchers the entire Hulk Gang in revenge, only to discover baby Bruce Banner, Jr. He takes him under his wing to raise.

What You’ll Find Out:

Edge of Venomverse takes place in this timeline, years after Logan has adopted and raised Banner Jr, only for his fostered son to realize that Logan killed his family and hid the truth from him. Feeling robbed at the chance to know his biological dad, despite all accounts from history naming the Supervillain a true monster, Banner Jr beats Logan in a battle (mostly because Logan refuses to truly fight the man he considers a son) and abandons him in the woods. Finding a motel, drinking himself into a stupor, Logan is discovered by Warren and advised that his son Scotty is alive and well.

What Just Happened?

The original remaining villains are revisited: Ashley Barton (daughter of Hawkeye), Bruce Banner Jr (Hero turned wannabe villain) and Warren (a disguised Archangel). Intending to torture and kill Logan, their plans go awry when the symbiote-infused T-Rex used to break down Logan’s remaining strength is instead killed by Logan and the symbiote finding it’s new host. Before Old Man Logan and Banner Jr can come to terminal blows, Venomized Captain America once again yanks our new character into a far-off place to face a coming unknown war.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thoughts: A great addition to both the Old Man Logan miniseries and the Edge of Venomverse world building.

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