Out of Control Kryptonian! (Supergirl 12 Comic Review)

Supergirl #12

Written by Steve Orlando

Pencils by Robson Rocha

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

Can Supergirl handle school and a crisis when her powers are out of control?

What you need to know: This issue picks up right after the end of last issue. Supergirl was shot by Cat Grant. It turns out not to be Cat Grant, but an impostor. Supergirl verifies this because she hears Cat miles away at a press conference with her super hearing. The blast doesn’t seem to harm Kara but she discovers that it has supercharged her abilities. She flies too fast and shatters windows and her heat vision just turns on by itself. Unfortunately, it is time to go to school and she cannot miss anymore without flunking. So, she goes to school which ends up not going very well. Her teacher sends Kara to the infirmary because it is obvious she is not feeling herself. Her supercharged hearing is causing her pain. She trips in the hall and causes the floor to cave in. A bunch of students see this and Ben says that the floor must have collapsed and covers for her. This makes me suspect Ben knows her secret.

What you will find out: The Emerald Empress has gathered together a new Fatal Five, a modern-day version of the group. The Fatal Five was originally a villain group in the Legion of Super-heroes’ future. The new group consists of Magog, Selene, Indigo, Solomon Grundy, and the Empress herself. These members are sure that Supergirl will bring about their end in the future. It is interesting to note that Selena grew this Grundy from the hair of the original Grundy who is being held in custody. The Fatal Five have a plan to take Supergirl out. Supercharging her powers was just the first step. Cat Grant and Cameron Chase are attacked by members of the group. Magog gives Grundy something to Grundy that makes him grow giant size and he attacks the city. The issue ends with Kara rushing into action even though her powers are out of control.

What just happened: This issue is the first installment of “The Girl of No Tomorrow” arc. This brings together plots introduced in earlier issues. I would have to say I was very happy with this issue. The writing was excellent. Orlando always does a great job with the story. I liked the scene where Supergirl is talking to her dad, who is being held in containment after he attacked earth and Kara had to stop him at the beginning of the series. He never responds to her or acts like he is aware of her presence, but she talks to him like a confidant and unburdens herself. She says that she will never give up on him.  The art in this issue was great. Robson Rocha does a beautiful job in this issue.


Rating 10/10

Final Thoughts: This series has had excellent writing the whole time. Orlando never disappoints. My main complaint about this series has been the art. I did not have that complaint this issue, so I give it top marks.


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