The Squad Comes for Killer Frost (Suicide Squad #23 Comic Review)

Suicide Squad #23

Written by Rob Williams

Cover and Panel Art by Gus Vazquez, Adriand Lucas

Waller has escaped custody from The People and has sent her team in to collect the JLA’s Killer Frost, determined to bring her back under Task Force X control. Harley is still the cold-hearted and calculated team leader, pulling depraved stunts on her mission objectives that rivals Waller’s decisions. What the team does not plan for is a JLA ally to step in and help battle against the Suicide Squad.

What You Need to Know: Since the events of Suicide Squad vs Justice League, the perpetual thorn in Waller’s side was the release of Killer Frost into Batman’s hands, allowing her to shed her villainous past and join a new team called the Justice League of America. When escaping The People, who suggest ridding the planet of heroes and metahumans to remove the focus of Earth as a source of power and potential threats from beyond, Amanda decides it’s best to re-acquire lost team members, namely Killer Frost.

What You’ll Find Out: While the brain bomb in Caitlin Frost was removed, the tracker was not. The Suicide Squad advances, using El Diablo as a carrier for a virus that will empower Killer Frost’s natural heat vampire abilities to an uncontrollable level and thus allowing the team to prove to Killer Frost that her villainy is part of who she is. Unexpectedly, Batman arrives and engages the team, running a computer program as he combats the Squad – who primarily stem from his own rogue gallery. Locking onto the brain bomb frequency, he overloads their senses and knocks the team unconscious. Katana, however, uses this moment to injure Batman and escape with the Squad.

What Just Happened? Amanda lost what little tenuous rope she had at the end of Suicide Squad vs Justice League, rallying Batman to once again denounce the Task Force X team and swear a personal mission to destroy the Squad once and for all. Is Waller losing her grip on the team?

Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts: Not as strong of an issue as the previous few but still shows growth for the team and their darker sides. Despite being staffed with villains, this ain’t your momma’s squad anymore. No more jokes or sweet team building between the members of this new Squad.

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