Back to the originals (Go Go Power Rangers #1 Comic Review)

Go Go Power Rangers #1

Written by Ryan Parrott

Colored By Raul Angulo

Illustratrated Dan Mora

Lettered by Ed Dukeshire

What you need to know:

The original series of Power Rangers aired back in 1993 by Saban based on the Japanese show Super Sentai, this series is a spin off from the Boom Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series released in 2016.

What just happened?

This series takes place at the beginning of the War with Rita Repulsa, although we do not see the orgins this is a great start to see how the team forms.

The story begins with action to pull you in before introducing you to the characters you need to know.

But the action soon heats up as the Power Rangers go on a daring mission to the moon to save the astronauts captured after releasing Rita. So with no longer being on the defences but on the offences already I am liking how this team operates.

You know when you go to the moon to take on an evil empress it is going to lead to an awesome cliff hanger.

The art is light and fun with such details to the Power Rangers costumes, I really liked how the Morphin sequence looked.

Final Thoughts

I think what I really enjoyed about this flowing issue is we see the Zack, Jason, Kimberly, Trini and Billy before they have their powers.

It has a nice blend of supporting characters Bulk, Skull, Ernie and Matt as well as I like the fact in the back ground there is a clear up crew and military presence which makes perfect sense.

If you have not read the main comic this is a perfect place to start, it has the perfect blend, comic relief, action and story, this reminded me of why I enjoyed the original TV series.


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