Let the Game begin? (Clue #1 Comic Review)

Clue #1

Written by Paul Allor

Art by Nelson Daniel

Lettered by Neil Uyetake

What you need to know:

The Clue mini-series by IDW is based on the popular murder mystery game Cluedo which has been enjoyed by families since 1949. The series is based around some of the characters from the board game.

What just happened?

The scene is set as we arrive at a creepy mansion during a storm the narrator whom is also the butler lays down the details of the evening as the guests arrive to enjoy the famous dinner party.

The guest are quite diverse in their careers and appear in some way to know each other of have certain secrets between them.

As you can imagine there would be no mystery without a murder and so it happens but who is the victim? Also more importantly who is the murderer and what is there motive?

So with the Detectives investigation underway everyone ends up trapped in the mansion, this is due to the only entrance in via bridge being flooded by the river.

The art is gritty and shows how dark or fabulous this world can be as it is brought to life in front of my very eyes.

Final Thoughts

I really did enjoy reading issue one which is serious, full of suspense, as bribery, secrets and murder are revealed, plus the butler’s role in the story I though was hilarious

So candlestick, rope lead pipe, revolver, wrench or knife equals another twist as the story is to be continued. Murder was defiantly on some body’s agenda this evening and I intend to find out who as the story pans out.

Will you be along for the ride or should I say Murder?

Rating: 9/10

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