Lies, Secrets, and Poisoned Pizza (Titans #14 Comic Review)

Titans #14

Written by Dan Abnett

Panels and Cover Art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse

The trust between the members of the Titans is crumbling, causing them to lash out at one another and reveal their inner fears and insecurities to their peers in the most destructive way possible. As tensions rise to a fever pitch, Nightwing calls for a lock down of Titan Tower and begins the arduous process of scanning the team for evidence of mind tampering, hoping to expose the mole Psimon hinted at back on Rykers that threatens to tear the team apart.

What You Need to Know: Tempers are hot and secrets are coming to light as the team continues to tackle the seemingly insurmountable task of recovering Karen Duncan’s memory engram. After a heated discussion in Titans Tower, where Lilith reveals what Psimon said to her about a member of the team willing to betray the group, Nightwing believes the most suspect person is Lilith herself. Garth quickly defends her, forcing Nightwing to run a program he garnered from a previous employer to look for hidden mind tampering. To keep the team preoccupied, the group orders pizza and plans to try and relax during the time it takes the program to process their psyches. Immediately, Garth notices the pizza has been poisoned with his Atlantean senses, forcing the rest of the team to spit out their meals. When the program is done running its measurements, they hunt down the source of the poison.

What You’ll Find Out: Turns out, the poisoning is an old fanclub of Garth’s back when he spent time in Altantis’ Silent School for Sorcery. Turned away and exiled, the Trident Three are in Manhattan, attempting to impress the new Atlantean King, playing at what is currently happening in Aquaman Rebirth. Garth reveals hints of his past to the team, showing his awe-inspiring magical capabilities and why he quit and gave up something he’s clearly gifted at (one can only assume they’re referring to Tula here). Wally and Roy nearly come to blows over Donna and it’s revealed that the only individual with mind tampering is in fact Nightwing himself.

What Just Happened? There appears to be several seeds being sewn here, brewing discord in the team. In the background, Malcolm Duncan has taken matters into his own hands to recover Karen’s memories and the events of the Lazarus Contract, Donna’s discovery of her origins and the sibling rivalry for her affections between Wally and Roy are all boiling to a head. Is there truly a mole in the team or is their own insecurities their worst enemy?

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts: Abnett is weaving a complex pattern of multiple plot points in this new team series and I for one can’t get enough.


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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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