A mystery donation (Misfit City #1 Comic Review)

Misfit City #1

Written by Kristen Kiwi Smith and Kwit Lustgarten

Colored By Brittany Peer

Lettered by Jim Campbell

What you need to know:

Misfit City is a limited series and our story is set in the small sea side town cannon cove where the tourist’s come to see where the gloomies was famously filmed.

What just happened?

A mystery treasure chest is left to the local museum by the old captain instead of two suspicious characters who want it and tell their lawyer this.

The group of five friends who we have slowly been introduced to over this issue are having an evening of playing cards. The girls are intrigued by what is in the trunk and want Macy to open it.

The young ladies start to do a collage of the items in side but start bickering over playing cards they happen to stumble across a hidden compartment which exposes to them a map.

So whilst being indecisive the group go their separate ways for the evening, the museum alarm goes off with an intruder.

Whoever entered the museum was clearly after the map but Macy our main character hid it and so our adventure starts to begin.

The art for me shows our cast as the misfits they actually are.

Final Thoughts

A very start to what I expect to be a swashbuckling adventure and I look forward to see where the story goes.

Rating: 7/10

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