Ghosts beware, five pimple teenage girls are there? (Misfit City #3 Comic Review)

Misfit City #3

Written by Kristen Kiwi Smith and Kwit Lustgarten

Colored By Brittany Peer

Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz

Lettered by Jim Campbell

What you need to know:

After last issue chase by Old Captain Denby relatives, our rag tagged team found themselves falling in the bowling alley and being caught on camera. But worse it appears our mysterious follower knows our little pooch Pip has the map.

What just happened?

With Black Mary’s treasure chest out there, the Misfits continue to think about looking for the key to discovering the map.

However after being chased down by a car and Macy getting clobbered there are reservations in the group.

Once again the group stumble on the next clue, but they are unaware that also Denby’s relatives are also on to them as well.

After being thwarted by Wilder’s Mum when they try to track down the next clue, the team decide to do a séance as a last resort but does it go as expected or does the sky light up?

Final Thoughts

What I loved the most about this issue is the human elements we see connections outside of the circle of friends and personnel issues they have.

The issue flowed perfectly with clever witty conversations and the fun you would expect from an adventure story. I am starting to really connect with this rag tag on their adventure.

Rating: 8/10

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