Unlocking the code (Misfity City #2 Comic Review)

Misfit City #2

Written by Kristen Kiwi Smith and Kwit Lustgarten

Colored By Brittany Peer

Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz

Lettered by Jim Campbell

What you need to know:

After Old Captain Denby died he left his mysterious trunk to the local museum, after Macy discovered a hidden map she was whack by an unknown assailant that broke into the museum.

What just happened?

So after breaking into the stolen chest our mystery assailant realises that the hidden map is missing and intends to find it.

We move to our team of adventurous who have decided to look into what the map means. So they attempt to crack the code using the local library and upon looking into the history of Cannon cove where they discover that pirates and fortunes once upon a time existed, but are they still around?

Our young ladies and Ed start to decrypt the codes, they follow the trail to a dark spooky mansion that belonged to the Captain, and the only thing missing from this scene is rain, thunder and lighting.

They are sprung by the lady and man from the lawyers in issue one and so an epic chase begins which is a lot of fun in a serious way, will they escape?

Final Thoughts

I am certainly enjoying this different style of art which light and dark when you expect it to be with flowing colours.

I found this issue a lot of fun with fantastic dialogue, banter and the right amount of adventure, these girls lives are no longer boring as they are defiantly Misfits.

Rating: 7/10

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