Days of Anger: Part 3 (Old Man Logan #27 Comic Review)

Old Man Logan #27


Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Colorist: Frank Martin

Logan’s quick getaway to remote Yukon territory turns into a nightmare when he discovers the Hulk Gang have arrived on “this” Earth. Using one of their own as bait, the irradiated offspring of “a” Bruce Banner have captured and tortured Logan, chaining him to a chimney.


What you’ll find out: Flashback, to the Wastelands of Old Man Logan’s memory, specifically to a moment with Clint Barton, formerly known as the Avenger Hawkeye. Attempting to catch pig poachers on Logan’s farm, as Clint laments their current state in life, the sound of a stranger approaching alerts them…

Flash forward, to Now, specifically to remote Yukon Territory, Canada. A dazed Logan opens his eyes to taunts by the Hulk Gang. He has been chained up to the middle of an old chimney in a clearing. They rain bullets into him, (in an amazing full page spread by Mike Deodato, Jr.) sending Logan back into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, at the Maestro’s compound, “granddaughter” Cambria expresses concerns to her new leader (currently in his human form), regarding his plans to bomb the world into submission and takeover by the Hulks. Diverting her “grand father’s” angry reaction to concern over the missing Billy-Bob (her siblings killed their own brother last issue), Cambria departs. Maestro sends his younger “grandson” Malakai to track her.

Back at the clearing, Logan goads Buck, his Hulk Gang guard, into smashing the wall he is on which allows him to strangle Buck with the chains and break his back, killing him. He runs to a nearby barn and manages to subdue another sibling, Merle, and acquire a weapon. Taking the group by surprise, he guns them down. Grabbing one as he breaths his last, Logan asks who is trying to kill him and why they are interested in a nuclear bomb. The dying Hulk Gang brother says the Maestro will “not just kill you” but “EVERYONE”.

Trying to figure out what it all means, Logan collapses in the field, his overtaxed healing factor shutting him down for repair time.

Fade to black.

An exasperated Malakai returns to the Maestro, with news of Cambria entering a trailer and disappearing. This gives Maestro incentive to up his strike time to within the next 72 hours.

Fade in from black.

Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard. Old Man Logan looks up at the face of “this” earth’s Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye.

What just happened? Days of Anger Part 3 is probably the most downbeat so far, feeling a bit more like a breather before the final act. Either I simply wanted more of the excellent story arc I was reading or this chapter could have been condensed to a larger size Final Chapter, I will have to wait and see.

Mike Deodato Jr.’s art provided the WOW moment with that amazing full page spread I mentioned above. I hope I am lucky enough to purchase one of these original pages someday. Truly, a Modern Marvel MASTER.

Rating 7/10

Final thought: An issue that felt more like a stepping stone to the finale, yet doesn’t dull my excitement for the arc overall.

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