Reader of Earth, You Have the Ability to Read a Great Issue (Green Lanterns 29 Comic Review)

Green Lanterns #29


Written by: Sam Humphries

Art By: Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica

Cover by: Andrew Hennessy, Bradley Walker

Publisher: DC Comics


What You Need to Know

Green Lanterns, Simon and Jessica, are trapped in the past. In a time when the First Lantern is enraged as he attacks the Guardians of the Universe and the original Green Lantern rings have found their wielders and brought them to Earth.



What You’ll Find Out

Can Jessica and Simon teach the convince these newbies to use their new powers against their powerful enemy when half of them have never even been in a fight before?


What Just Happened?

Jessica’s inexperience as a leader and a teacher are in the forefront. She comes off as uncomfortable in the role as she stumbles over her own words and uses metaphors that make sense to her, but the meaning is lost on her pupils.  She’s no Kilowog, that’s for sure. But  it’s funny to watch them all get something different out of her metaphor. Though Jessica’s frustration is disheartening.


During the training, we get see a small amount character development in a few of newbies. Kaja, the Green Lantern of Colu. She’s ashamed of race for focusing on the past, rather moving forward. And Tyran’r, an alien that’s easiest to describe as almost a Green Lantern version of Marvel’s Sabretooth, continues to cause problems as he antagonizes his trainers, especially Jessica, when she suggests he use his imagination to make more creative constructs. He doesn’t see the point, and she can’t find the words to tell him why he’s wrong. A humorous joke with perfect delivery.


I would’ve liked to see more character development, but the story includes so many characters, it’s difficult to give them all panel time. Like the Kryptonian Green Lantern in the previous issue. Killed off, before we even got to know her, which left little no impact. Hopefully, we’re allowed to get to know these other Lanterns before Volthoom, or someone else takes them out.


Fortunately, we do get something from each of them, even the ones not featured heavily in this issue, when they arrive at a planet completely destroyed by the First Lantern. Countless dead. Men. Women. Children. No One was spared and suddenly the new Green Lanterns realize they each have a reason to fight. Finally, they learn the Oath and prepare to take Volthoom down.
Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts

Jessica’s frustration at her own lack of experience and teaching skills make her incredibly sympathetic. This is one character, who I absolutely want to succeed. And it is incredibly satisfying when she does!

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