The storm approaches? (Misfit City #4 Comic Review)

Misfit City #4

Written by Kristen Kiwi Smith and Kwit Lustgarten

Colored By Brittany Peer

Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz

Lettered by Jim Campbell


What you need to know:

The adventurers conducted a séance to contact Black Mary but it spiralled out of control causing a flash of light across the cove.

What just happened?

So Dot recovers from her ordeal in an unlikely way, so the challenge is on to get to Totem pole in Bootleggers Bluuf.

But first the 127th annual Shuck Fair is on the docks and brings in all the locals, we start to learn about Captain Denby’s demise.

Our mysterious relatives are also trying to locate our rag tag team, meanwhile Wilder thinks she has found a new direction to look for the treasure or has she just made a big mistake.

Everyone seems to be putting all the pieces together and as the girls figure the map out we have a hostage situation, a daring rescue and a surprise guest as the storm arrives.

Will our rag team survive the night.

Final Thoughts

Finally all the pieces of the puzzle come together as this issue heats up to a climatic end, I cannot wait to read issue 5.

Rating: 8/10

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