Can he play well with others? (Supersons #7 Comic Review)

Written by Peter Tomasi

Pencils and inks by Jorge Jimenez

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Cover by Jimenez and Sanchez



After rejecting assistance from Superboy, Robin met up with the Teen Titans who are investigating a surge of metamorphic energy. The team are attacked by Atom-Master, the Faceless Hunter, and Time Commander. The team manages to escape and find Superboy for help, but not before Time Commander turns Damian into an old man.


What Happened:

The second issue of the “Planet of the Capes” arc picks up right where the last one left off, with the Teen Titans in the Kent’s apartment in Metropolis, complete with an old man version of Robin. Before heading off to find out why they were all just attacked and defeated by three unknown villains, this time the Teen Titans take advantage of Robin being occupied and insist that Jon joins them this time, and the group heads out together. Meanwhile, we check in on the mysterious figure who somehow created the villains from the past issue, and he reveals himself as the old Silver-Age Magician Kraklow, known for using magic modeling clay to create henchmen to carry out his bidding. He was given his gift from the future of a parallel world, and now he wants to become famous by killing costumed superheroes. He reanimates the three villains from the previous attack, and send them out to finish the job.

Kraklow’s goons don’t need to go very far, because at that moment the Teen Titans arrive, having tracked down Kraklow’s headquarters. Kraklow finds himself dissatisfied that only the Teen Titans have returned, and no higher profile heroes. He laments to himself as he escapes while Time Commander freezes the heroes in time. With Superboy’s help, the Teen Titans manage to break free of Time Commander’s hold, and they go about taking down the remaining adversaries. After returning Robin to normal and apprehending Kraklow, the Teen Titans take pride in a job well done. The team disembarks, leaving Jon and Damian to bicker among themselves in the usual fashion, allowing them to be caught unaware as the story ends with a cliffhanger as the pair is captured by an unknown agent.


Thoughts on the issue:

I know he’s not a teen, but this isswue fully convinced me that Jon should join the Teen Titans. He fits in with the team wonderfully, and is turning out to be the perfect person to keep Damian in check. The story really amped up a notch in this issue, bringing in Multiversal elements and getting rid of an obscure villain, hinting at a larger presence than it initially seemed when the arc started last month. Peter Tomasi is a really strong writer when dealing with teams, and that fact shines through in this issue. His ability to jump into the new Teen Titans lineup is impressive, as well as showing how the dynamic alters with the addition of Superboy.


One last thing: The issue implies that the parallel universe we’re likely to see in this arc is the Pre-Crisis Earth. If that’s the case, it could mean some cameo appearances of a lot of missing characters.


Rating: 8.5/10

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Scott Shuken

Scott Shuken is comic book writer and Podcaster living in Bellingham, WA
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Scott Shuken is comic book writer and Podcaster living in Bellingham, WA

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