War Comes to Muspelheim (Mighty Thor #22 Review)

Written by Jason Aaron

Drawn by Russell Dauterman, Valerio Schiti

Colored by Matthew Wilson, Veronica Gandini, Rain Beredo

Cover Art by Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson

In the last issue, Jane left Odinson in shock and dismay as she answered the call of mjolnir to be summoned to Queen Sindr’s domain, Muspelheim. When she arrives, she faces off with both the Queen and the newest War Thor.

What You Need to Know: Jane’s life expectancy is shrinking each time she uses the hammer. Odinson, fearing that her life is about to sputter out, takes her to the Asgardian healers hoping they’ll be able to help her fight the cancer that’s raging unchecked in her body. When Jane transforms to Thor, all the medicinal properties to fight her cancer are voided, allowing the disease to continue to destroy her mortal form. Soon, Jane has to ask herself: If she continues to use the hammer, she’ll have to decide if she’ll ever put it down again or risk dying in the process if she does.

What You’ll Find Out: Earlier, after the failure of the fire gobin army and Enchantress and King Ulik to stop Volstagg, Makelith and Loki had come to question the Queen’s speak of ferocity in the face of her legion’s fall against War Thor. In the midst of their argument, Volstagg has come to seek vengeance.

War Thor made quick work of the fire goblins in Nidavellir (the realm of the dwarves) and has brought the fight to their homeworld, Muspelheim. Determined to eradicate the entire planet for the deaths of the light elf children Volstagg witnessed, the otherworldly hammer fans the flames of his hatred and he comes to blows with the Queen herself.

What Just Happened? Before War Thor can completely destory Muspelheim, Mighty Thor appears. Witnessing Volstagg nearly kill an innocent fire child, she whisks away War Thor before he can cause more damage. Once safely away from Muspelheim, Mighty Thor admonishes Volstagg for his attempt at snuffing out all life on Muspelheim, even innocent ones like the light elf children he witnessed being murdered. Determined to continue his fight, he threatens Mighty Thor with a fight – a fight she agrees to.

Rating: 8/10


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