Like a mother to the flame… (War Mother #1 Comic Review)

War Mother #1

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Art: Stephen Segovia
Colors: Elmer Santos

The Grove is dying – and Ana’s people need a new home…

What You Need To Know:

In the year 4001, the Earth is dying. Ana is the War Mother, sworn protector of her people, but she faces a problem; she took on the role after killing Sylvan, a tyrant ruler. Sylvan was powerful, and his abilities kept the Grove alive. Now, the Grove is dying, and Ana’s people are hungering. They’ve just received a message from a thousand years ago, promising a new home…

What You’ll Find Out

A mysterious signal will draw all manner of creatures to it; Ana won’t be the only one tempted to find a Promised Land. But is there a darker side to this beacon?

What Just Happened?

The story kicks into gear with the War Mother already on site at this mysterious tower complex. Your immediate impression is of a beautifully creative book, with Segovia and Santos rendering Ana’s world in vibrant form. The story launches into a brief action sequence, with Ana rescuing traders from the Urbanites. When we get a glimpse of the Urbanites, it’s hard not to be impressed; the design is stunning, dark and dystopian. Soon the action is heating up, with the Urbanites spotting the “super-predator” Ana and launching a counter-attack. It’s a perfect introduction.
Ana is your perfect kick-ass female hero, driven by duty to the Grove. At the same time, though, Fred Van Lente’s script gives her every opportunity to shine as an action junkie, and the artistic team waste no opportunities. Segovia particularly excels at focusing in on Ana’s facial expression, capturing the intensity of her emotions, and Santos uses rich colors to accentuate that. The script, the artist, and the colorist all work together to craft a remarkably strong sense of identity.
The introductory scenes over, the script then jumps back a week to establish just why Ana is on site here. Again, the focus is on character work; we get a real sense of the struggling relationship between Ana and her husband Ignacio. I love the dynamic; it feels so very three-dimensional, with each character struggling to handle the relationship in light of Ana’s sense of duty to the Grove. You wind up with such a mixed attitude to Ignacio, both respecting his love for Ana and angered at his selfishness and pride.
Returning to the present, it doesn’t take Van Lente long to prove that the promise of salvation at this skyscraper site is a false promise; there’s something ominously dangerous about the place. Naturally, though, Ana figures that out too late – after she’s given the signal, and her people have begun their journey…

Final Thoughts:

A fantastic science-fantasy adventure, War Mother #1 kicks off a promising adventure that will test our heroes to the max. The art is gorgeous.

Rating: 9/10

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