“Is It Too Late (or too Early) To Greet Happy Father’s Day with a couple of SNIKT!?” (Generations: The Wolverine & The All-New Wolverine #1 Comic Review)

Generations: All New Wolverine Wolverine #1

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Color Artists: Nolan Woodard

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Logan battles the Hand to find his & Mariko’s adopted daughter and save her from her kidnapper. He gets an unlikely help from a time displaced All-New Wolverine!


What You’ll Find Out: The story starts off with Logan fighting the undead ninja of the Hand. His goal was to save Mariko’s adopted daughter Akiko (or Amiko if you’re keen on consistency) who was kidnapped. When things started to get rough and tough (which is never the case for Wolvie) he gets help from what his perspective, a mysterious young woman version of himself who fights with grace and precision (Of course readers know this is Laura formerly known as X-23 and is now the All New-Wolverine.) After the defeated the Hand’s Ninjas, they have brief moment to introduce themselves with each other. Laura informs Logan she knew where to find him after she woke up realizing WHEN and where she was currently. She also tried not to give much information to Logan fearing and hinting that she might affect time and space by possibly cause a problematic butterfly effect. Later, they then arrive in what looks like a warehouse where a Hand Ninja threw a grenade to them and Logan protecting Laura from the blast. Logan gets hit hard but survives thanks to his healing factor. Laura informs Logan that he didn’t need to protect her. Logan then tell her someone is coming, and soon finds out that it was one of the Hand’s men who kidnapped Akiko. The man informs both Wolverines that they were only hired and paid to kidnap the young girl and was not informed that they would be followed by a Gaijin. The man also mentions that the payment was not enough to compensate the loss they have now thanks to the Wolvies. He then offers the 2 a ride to the airport, the location of the person who hired them. When Logan and Laura arrives inside the airport, they have a funny moment pointing out there worst enemy, which was the airport’s metal detector. Laura then sees Akiko and her kidnapper outside on the airport’s tarmac to ride a plane. The two the hastily run and follows them and catches the plane before it lift off. Inside the plane they were able to beat a bunch of Hand Ninjas, before reaching the Kidnapper who was actually Sabertooth, Wolverine’s archenemy/rival. The 3 had a showdown with Laura attacking Creed first and throwing both of them off the Plane. Logan instructs the pilot to turn around and finally joins the showdown. Sabertooth who is defeated, confused and curious asking where Laura came from. Laura then kicks Sabertooth in the neck and releases her foot claw which finally defeats the villain. The 2 were able to save the child and bring her back to Mariko. Logan plans to leave Akiko as soon as he gave her back to Markio safely. Before he left, both Logan and Laura had another talk, this time a very heartwarming talk. Laura reprimanded Logan for not staying behind being fatherly for Akiko. Logan inserts and asks for forgiveness and then informs her that he now knows who she might be. He asked if Laura came from the future or an alternate dimension. Laura still tries not to give away any information. Logan then invites Laura for dinner, but then Laura started disappearing. The two had another final moment hugging each other. Laura says she’ll miss Logan again and at the same time, Logan told her that he can’t wait til’ he meets Luara in the future. The comic then ends with Logan following Laura’s advice, coming back to Mariko & Akiko to stay and act as a fatherly figure to the child.



  • Action packed as expected in a Wolverine book
  • The Art by Ramon Rosanas are one of the best and Woodard’s color complimented it in a simple yet beautifully
  • One of the best and heartwarming solos released in the Generations Line in my opinion



  • A few inconsistencies like how could Logan remember his mother’s eyes with his amnesia? And why is his costume not colored in the brown and yellow orange suit assuming this was around the 80’s (around Uncanny X-Men #181, I guess?). And how come the 2 Wolverine never attacked back on that Hand Ninja that threw the grenade? And lastly, was Akiko’s name a typo? Shouldn’t her name be Amiko Kobayashi?



Final Thought: Tom Taylor wrote one of the best Wolverine team up for Marvel’s Generations Line-Up, despite some minor inconsistencies. You’ll definitely enjoy the fast paced, action packed team-up between Logan & Laura. The bonus is that he was still able to deliver heartwarming father and daughter moments in the story. Add in the art by Rosanas & color from Woodard, the book delivers a visually stunning and satisfying story.


Rating: 9/10

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Ivan Alino
I was first exposed to the world of super-heroes when I saw an episode of X-Men animated series as a kid back in 1992. Ever since then I had been collecting the X-Men trading cards that were free from buying powdered milk (which was their promo back then) and a lot of hand me down Marvel cards from my eldest brother. Back when I was on 2nd grade in 1996, a classmate of mine shared a drawing made by his older brother. It featured junior X-Men character, Jubilee joining another group besides X-Men which caught my attention and curiosity (since I never saw that group in the animated series.) That was when I discovered one of my favorite X-Books, Generation X. The first comic I ever bought then was Wolverine Vol 2 #94 which featured Generation X. At the same time I was already exposed to Spider-Man and Fantastic 4, thanks to their 90s animated series adaptations. I have been following & collecting those 3 Marvel comics series ever since. I stopped reading and collecting for a while around 2000 - 2008 because the local comic book shop (which was the only one back then) closed down in my province. Also those were the time I was exposed more into Japanese anime, mangas and video games, specifically the Mega Man series (Thanks to the influence of Marvel vs Capcom games), Final Fantasy and Guilty Gear. However I would still try to keep up with the latest updates of the Marvel Universe thanks to the internet and new movie adaptations and animated series during that decade. I came back reading the X-books again in 2009 when my family and I went for a vacation in Toronto, Canada. I dropped by every comic store and book store I pass by, grabbing X-Men books along the way, starting off with the X-Men First Class. Ever since then I have been following the ups and downs of the X-books and the rest of the Marvel Universe. That's not all, I also enjoy reading DC books too specifically Legion of Super Heroes, Teen Titans, Neil Gaiman's Sandman and a few Bat Man books!