Marvel Legacy Unveils More Lineups Including Darkhawk and Old Man Logan

As the Marvel Legacy event grows nearer, excitement is hopefully building for this return to a more classic Marvel feel.  Enough with the #1’s everywhere, we’re getting renumbered issues for some of our favorite lines.  On top of that, Marvel is unveiling more of the Legacy creative teams, even for those titles without classic numbering to return to!


We’re getting Old Man Logan, still under the helm of Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato.  Of course, even a wiser Logan can’t help himself with femme fatales in Old Man Logan #31.

Secret Warriors #8, written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by IvX’s Javier Garron looks intense as they take on Mr. Sinister…LOTS of Mr. Sinister.

Artist Mariko Tamaki brings her Hulk storytelling talent over to She-Hulk with issue #159 with art by relative newcomer to Marvel Jahnoy Lindsay!

Finally, a character first introduced in the 90’s, Darkhawk:  Legacy returns in a new monthly title picking up with issue #51!  This will feature art by Kev Walker and is written by the duo Chad Bowers and Christopher Sims known for their collaborative efforts on Deadpool Bad Blood and X-Men ’92!

As Marvel Legacy gets closer and closer, the anticipation keeps building.  Are you looking forward to this massive event and return to great storytelling?  Let us know in the comments below!

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