MASK Crusaders or something else (MASK #9 Comic Review)


Written by Brandon Easton

Art by Drew Moss

Colours by Jordi Escuin

Lettered by Gilberto Lazcano

What you need to know:

Based on the popular kids cartoon in 80’s M.A.S.K gripped a generation with cars turning into battle vehicle as Venom planned a new attack Matt Tracker and his team were there to stop it. Now we see a new more in depth story jumping out of the pages in comic book form.

What just happened?

We jump straight into the story with the MASK team being chase by Wraith clones with currently it is unknown where they come from.

I learnt that the team clearly need their helmets to control their vehicles, without them they seem like regular Joes and lost. One of their own Brad has been kidnapped and was replaced by an infiltrator which has just been discovered

The meantime Miles Mayhem and Vanessa from Venom using their Mask to free Sly, it is apparent to upgrade their tech, they have been using parts from the Cybertronian’s known as the Transformers.

The team make a dash for the helmets which are being guarded by the wraith, and try to limit damage control but the Wraith are building something and Emil Zartan makes a move for Brad’s helmet will Gloria Survive?

Will MASK save the day or will VENOM make things tough as they tackle the Wraith.

Final Thoughts

The art reminded me of Ben 10 a kids tv show which I believe runs today but I knew who everyone was as the art it clear and detailed. Some of the variant art covers are beautiful and if you’re in to collecting I suggest grabbing some.

I am looking forward to learn more about the two teams of characters and this is a perfect place to start reading in a middle of an everyday invasion.

Rating: 6/10

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