Superman and Lex Luthor trade blows as Mr. Oz prepares to reveal himself (Action Comics #986 Comic Review)

Action Comics #986 Review


Written by Rob Williams

Art by Guillem March

Colors by Hi-Fi

Cover by Guillem March and Tomeu Morey


The Machinist is back in Metropolis and using his Mind Ticks to control helpless citizens! Superman determines that Luthor tech is involved, and confronts Lex about it. Lex insists on his innocence, and the two team up to confront the Mechanist. Lex’s power suit is infected with a Mind Tick, and he is forced to turn on Superman…


What happened:

The second half of this story picks up right where it left off, with Lex Luthor under the influence of The Mechanist,  turning to attack Superman. Lex’s suit is imbued with Apokoliptian technology, and as he uses it on Superman, it begins to affect him. As they fight, Superman mentions that the more Lex uses his Luthorbox, the more he becomes like Darkseid. The two exchange blows to The Mechanist’s delight as Lex continues his all-out assault, and Superman tries to get through to Luthor, telling him that his recent actions have inspired hope in Superman and helped him believe in humanity. Luthor continues to attack without letting up once, and pushes his hardware so far that it overloads the Mind Tick that caused his recent heel-turn. Back to his old, new self again, Lex rejoins Superman and they two easily deal with The Mechanist.

Before wrapping up, the issue follows Lex back to his workshop, where he is suddenly approached and warned by the mysterious Mr. Oz that has been watching Superman afar for the last few year, setting the stage for the upcoming arc that will finally reveal his identity.


Thoughts on the issue:

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this issue, it seems to be the obligatory Superman vs Superlex fight that we have to deal with before we put the Superlex story to bed. That said, Rob Williams does a fine job with the script, and the fight is still paced well enough that it doesn’t drag too much. The best part of this comic is Guillem March’s art as he shows the general transformation of Luthor as he progresses towards his Darkseid-like visage at the end of the fight. All in all, The Mechanist once again just felt like a boring villain needed to create some conflict for more important characters to deal with, and may only have been included because he was introduced in the same Superman run that Mr. Oz was introduced. The ending with Luthor and Mr. Oz was certainly exciting and dramatic, and has me itching for the next issue.


One last thing:

Two weeks away from the reveal, there is still very little we know about Mr. Oz and who he might be. My personal theory is The Superman from Dan Jurgens’ Tangent Comics. But that’s just a long shot because I’m seriously stumped.


Rating: 7/10

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