Has Suicide Squad been Compromised by The People? (Suicide Squad #24 Review)

Written by Rob Williams

Art by Agustin Padilla and Juan Ferreyra

Colors by Adriand Lucas

Cover Art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriand Lucas

Variant Cover Art by Whilce Portcio and Alex Sinclair


This issue picks up right after the last and continues the arc of ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ when the Suicide Squad is ordered to collect Killer Frost and then to kill Batman when he tries to intervene in the takedown of Caitlin Snow.

When they arrive back at Belle Reve, things get interesting.

What You Need to Know: The charm of Suicide Squad has always been that it is comprised of undesirables who are out for their own best interests. They’re the antithesis of a team, always one step away from breaking into chaos. This continues here and I found it enjoyable and interesting as part of the overall appeal of Suicide Squad and this story arc, not a weakness in the writing as some have felt it to be. I will agree, however, that the overall creative direction does seem to be like a broken record, rehashing the same story motive but with different stand-ins for driving the story. We saw through the ‘Justice League vs Suicide Squad’ event, which under all the shine and animosity between the two teams was just another jealous plot by Waller. That was echoed in the arc that continued with The People, just with a new face driving that bus. The issue doesn’t suffer in details but in overall story guidance, they need to propel the team into unknown territory rather than revisiting old arcs.

What You’ll Find Out:  The People were revealed to have a mole in the Suicide Squad leadership team with Harcourt. Now, they seem to have done so again with Waller, but how? Despite Katana being uncomfortable with her newfound villainy, as she hurt Batman last issue and for a time was concerned she had killed him, the team wises up that someone outside Belle Reve is pulling the strings and help the heroes by releasing Killer Frost and delivering her to Batman, who shows up at Belle Reve injured but alive.

What Just Happened?  Suicide Squad has had a shaky run in Rebirth with questionable leadership. From Waller’s obvious issues, Harcourt’s deception, Rick’s death and Harley’s succession as team leader – what the team needs is some solid issues of the team taking up leadership or an outside source stepping in and cleaning up the mess that is upper management.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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