We have to kill you to save you. It’s the perfect plan! (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #27 Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #27

Wrtier: Robert Venditti

Peniciller: Rafa Sandoval

Inker: Jordi Tarragona

Colorist: Tomeu Morey

Editor: Mike Cotton

What You Need to Know:

A Metal Golem chased Orion through space, even destroying an entire planet in his path, while the New God searched for the Green Lanterns. He found Hal and Kyle and they’re doing the best they can.


What You’ll Find Out:

Why is the Golem chasing Orion? Who made it? Is it the only one?


What Just Happened:

The Green Lanterns do what they do best, banter, also they protect Orion from the Golem, whose sole purpose seems to be to kill him. But Orion’s keeping it a secret as to why. And the Golem can surely kill them all as soon as his Omega Beam recharges. Every few seconds, it announces what percent charge it’s at, which is a bit cliche, but it helps raise the tension to have a timetable for the heroes to finish the fight.

As Hal fights the Golem, Kyle and Orion search for a way to beat it. Unfortunetly, the Golem won’t stop until Orion is dead. Kyle suggests faking his death and it’s probably a bit too convienant that an alien doctor just happens to have the blueprint for a what he calls a Blood Circulation Engine. Which can theoretically keep him alive, but in a comatose state, and hopefully fool the golem into thinking Orion is dead. But to see Kyle use his ring to create the device is pretty awesome.

Alien Green Lantern and telepath, Two-Lobe enters Orion mind at one point to tell us what he knows of the Golem. Made from Nth Metal by the tyrant Yuga Kahn and programmed to kill his progeny, before they kill him. Looks like they’re a very late on that one. The origin is simple, and it’s nice they didn’t overcomplicate things.

And Even in a coma, the New God fights to keep the Highfather’s location a secret. But the Lanterns did get one word: a name actually, Lightray, the God of Speed. John Stewart makes a plan, positions his team and asks Hal if he’s ready. Hal’s excited to chase the God of Speed. And I’m just as exicted to see that in the next issue.


Rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts:

The art in this issue is some of the best I’ve seen in a while and the ending really has me excited for the next issue

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