Cable Won’t Let the Bad Guy Monologue! (Cable #4 Comic Review)

Cable #4

Author:  James Robinson

Artist:  Yildiray Cinar

Colorist:  Jesus Aburtov & Federico Blee

Previously:  Cable has been chasing Conquest through various eras in time as Conquest attempts to assemble an ancient weapon to give himself unlimited power.  In each era, Conquest gives a handful of its citizens futuristic weaponry in an effort to keep Cable from following him.  Finally, Cable catches up with him in ancient Russia, right as Conquest planned.

Currently:  Conquest gloats over the captured Cable as Cable explains that he’s after Conquest because whatever Conquest has been doing, including leaving future weapons throughout history, has been screwing with the rest of history, creating a future that shouldn’t exist.  Conquest orders his Russian soldiers (really belonging to Rasputin) to kill Cable, but Cable breaks free of the cables.  Seriously…he was being held with cables…anyone else love the irony?

Even as he tackles Conquest, Rasputin’s soldiers attack on robotic horses, but Cable takes them all on, even Conquest.  And we’re reminded just how badass Cable is.

Finally, Cable and Conquest square off and Cable smiles as he teleports off, seeking the final piece of the weapon, much to Conquest’s surprise and dismay.

The last stop?  65 million years ago (give or take a few million years).

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments: 

When I first picked up this book, I noticed something disturbing.


Carlos Pacheco wasn’t the artist!  Noooooo!


I mean, let’s face it…I was so psyched for this book mostly because of Carlos’ work.  So many times, when they change an artist unexpectedly so quickly, it really ruins the book for me.  But honestly?  While Cinar isn’t quite up to Pacheco’s work, he’s really not bad.  Sure, a few issues bugged me (such as an impossibly short leg that looks distorted), but overall, I definitely enjoyed it, especially the facial expressions and close up shots.  If Marvel needs to replace an artist on a book in the middle of a story, this is definitely the way to do it.

The story is enjoyable too.  This isn’t some ancient prophecy or age old enemy Cable is chasing.  He’s just become kind of like the (probably unofficial) keeper of time and is trying to figure who is screwing things up.  Ever seen the movie Time Cop?  You remember, it’s the only Jean Claude Van Damme movie worth seeing?  Yeah, kind of like that.  I also got a chuckle out of the typical villainous monologue.  Conquest is ready to explain how he learned about the Time Sword.  Cable’s response:  “I.  Don’t.  Care.”  Which completely flipped the standard hero/villain debate on its head.

Final Thoughts:  Admittedly, this one has a bunch of Cable being Cable.  So if you don’t care for Cable, you probably won’t enjoy this book, no matter how much I did.  But let’s face it…he takes on about 20 guys on horseback with futuristic weapons…and kicks their collective behinds.  It’s a fun romp and while it’s not a terribly deep story, it’s fun seeing Cable back.  Still, I would’ve given it a higher score if this didn’t feel so 1990’s.

Rating: 7/10

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