Champions of tie ins! (Champions #11 Comic Review)

Champions #11 Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Penciler: Humberto Ramos
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What you need to know: *This issue takes place during Secret Empire #2. Hydra has obliterated Las Vegas for harboring Hawkeye’s rebellion. Those left from the scattered Champions help with finding survivors from the devastation.

What you’ll find out: Over 11 hours after Las Vegas was destroyed, those from Hawkeye’s rebellion and the remaining Champions split into three teams to search for survivors. The totally awesome Hulk and Falcon take the north. While Spider-Man, Ironheart, and Patriot take the south. And Viv Vision and the new Wasp take the west.

Each group must come to terms that there are no survivors. And that no matter what they try, they’re not going to find anyone still alive. They also must come to terms with that the situation with Hydra is too big for them to handle alone and perhaps seeking out the older heroes is their only option at this point. Just when they all are about to lose hope, Patriot finds a lone infant who miraculously survived. It gives them the second wind they need to take the fight to Captain America.

Pros: Champions is exactly what it needs to be. A book of young heroes trying to find their place in the world and create change. Even with a tie-in to Secret Empire, Champions doesn’t forget itself or tries to be something else for a few issues. Mark Waid explores each characters reaction to a situation where there is no winning here. The heroes are young and learning to deal with situations they haven’t been in before. Which is a nice change of pace from other writers who seem to think super heroes should just get over things quickly. In my opinion, Ramos is the perfect artist for this book. His style is fun and bold. Just like young heroes should come across as. Delgado does a good job with his colors to match Ramos style. This book is about young, enthusiastic heroes and the colors match what the feel should be. As a long time reader, I can tell you this book harkens back to the days of fun books like New Warriors or New Mutants. This is a great team with lots of potential and Waid is just getting started for all intents and purposes.

Cons: The only thing that throws off the book is the unfamiliarity with those from Hawkeye’s rebellion. Unless you have kept up with Ironheart, Patriot, Falcon, and the new Wasp. It can sort of feel like you didn’t get enough information about these guys to fully understand what they’ve been through and who they are. Waid does do his best to fill in the blanks. But you can only do so much to get in as much information in a single issue.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought: Champions is a book with a lot of heart! It has the perfect mix of characterization, drama, action, and comedy. Waid loves these characters and it shows. Give him half a chance and he could have you fall in love with them too. Despite half the team missing from this issue due to the Secret Empire event. Waid still doesn’t miss a beat and keeps the book flowing. And in this day and age where consistency seems to be an endangered species, Champions always comes off as a refreshing read.

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