Ed Brisson Introduces us to the Scarlet Samurai

How have you been liking Old Man Logan so far as he meets the evil Hulk known as Maestro?  Loving it?  If the answer is yes, then prepared to get even more excited.  The talented writer of current Old Man Logan, Ed Brisson, has just signed an exclusive contract with Marvel so he’s going to keep on writing for them for the foreseeable future!

Brisson, who has also been writing Iron Fist, is a self-proclaimed huge fan of Marvel comics.

“I grew up with stacks of Spider-Man, Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and X-Men littering my bedroom floor. The comics would be in tatters because I would read them repeatedly, often having to tape the covers back on,” said Brisson. “I remember being on vacation when Kraven’s Last Hunt was coming out and begging my mom to drive me a half hour to the closest town with a convenience store so that I wouldn’t miss out on the latest issue.”

Brisson will be writing both the Legacy titles Cable:  The Newer Mutants and Old Man Logan:  the Scarlet Samurai.

Scarlet Samurai will see Logan clashing with a couple old enemies:  the Hand and Gorgon!  Plus, we get a new player in the game:  Scarlet Samurai!  But who she is and what she wants is still a mystery but Brisson promises to reveal more throughout the arc.

Are you looking forward to these two titles?  Let us know your thoughts on Brisson’s deal with Marvel!

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