Birds of the Bat! (Red hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 Comic Review)

Red hood and The Outlaws ANNUAL #1


Written By: Scott Lobdell

Art: Tyler Kirkham

Colorist: Arif Prianto

Cover: Tyler Kirkham

Synopsis: Jason Todd, Artemis, and Bizarro are undercover as circus performers to get insight on a secret operation they discover KGBeast is behind. They are definitely out of their element, so they call for help from another ex-Robin, Nightwing aka Dick Grayson!


What You’ll Need To Know: This takes place before Red Hood and The Outlaws #12, where Bizarro is killed by Solomon Grundy and being brought back to life by Lex Luthor. That’s an issue we still gotta deal with. Why call Dick? Aside from being an acrobat, Nightwing is the first Robin and like the older brother of Jason. There was a lot of tension between him and Jason after Jason was murdered by Joker and brought back to life by The Lazarus Pit. Nightwing is still in affiliation with the Titans and doing his own thing.


What You’ll Find Out: Holy %$^&!!! New Outlaw and it’s my first comic book crush, Dick Grayson! Nightwing and Red Hood are definitely my favorite heroes of the DC Universe. They both represent a lot of qualities of Batman himself. Jason has vengeful and violent qualities and Dick has more discipline and a justice. They can most definitely clash when working together, but ultimately make a great duo. They were raised by freakin’ Bruce Wayne! Two sons of Batman are definitely not a team you can overpower easily especially with the aid of Artemis and Bizarro. Aside from all that,  the dynamic over the team worked well and was comical at the same time.


Rating: 10/10


Final Thoughts: It was great seeing a team up between the Outlaws and Nightwing! He definitely came in clutch even though he was sort of apprehensive of working with the team. The stakes weren’t super high against a villain like KGBeast, but it was still an entertaining read. I generally prefer Dexter Soy’s art style, Tyler Kirkham is identical so it’s still pretty awesome. I really loved this issue, but in the back of my head, I was just thinking “How’s Bizarro? What’s going to happen with Bizarro?” from the last issue, since this technically isn’t #14.

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