Night of the Bounty Hunter (Wonder Woman #29 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman #29


Writer: Shea Fontana

Art: Maki Miranda

Cover Art: Jesús Merino & Allen Passalaqua (variant by Jenny Frison)

Summary: Heart of the Amazon continues with its fourth installment. There is a contract out on Diana’s life, resulting in a free-for-all in the streets of Washington D.C. Will we finally learn who the mysterious puppet master pulling the strings is? Will we find out what they want with Diana? The story takes some interesting turns and leads to a surprise predicament for Diana. Where will her heart lead her?


What has gone: So far in the arc we’ve learned that Dr. Crawford had been experimenting with Diana’s DNA in an attempt to find a cure for her own afflictions. It seems Wonder Woman’s (literal) god-given gifts include secrets locked her genetic code capable of giving powers to others. Crawford’s death has left Wonder Woman with many questions about both the doctor’s methods and her motives. Diana has returned to Washington with Etta Candy, who is recovering from injuries, and the two women are set upon by a new adversary. Diana learns from this bounty hunter that she can expect a whole lot more just before she is attacked by a whole horde of fortune seekers.


Where we are (possible minor spoilers): The first half of this issue is pretty action-packed. We are introduced to several new characters in the heat of battle. There are also a few of the old-guard villains not typically seen in Wonder Woman’s Rogue Gallery line-up, but that offer some intriguing possibilities. With a mean left hook and a jab at the internet, Diana enters the fray assisted by Etta Candy.


Outside of the mercenary two-step, the issue also sees the return of more of the book’s supporting cast and a bit of the time in between the last arc and this one is filled in. There is also more internet humor, some reunions, a motorcycle, and answers about the contract on Diana. The answer of why Diana is being hunted leads to soul searching and the search for spiritual guidance. Diana makes an unexpected decision, but the only one her heart would all – a decision that could save thousands. She sets out on a journey to find her hunters, and what she discovers is equally unexpected. Will Diana make it out alive?


What does it all mean (possible minor spoilers): There is another artist on this issue, Maki Miranda. Though the styles keep changing, the flow of the book is still smooth. The action scenes have lots of movement and excitement. The conversational sections are expressive and well laid out. The backgrounds, particularly of the DC monuments, were a nice touch. There is definitely a sort of gravity those monuments convey by their presence that adds to Diana’s musings. It melds well with the architecture of Themyscira, tying Diana’s past and present together.


I’m enjoying the writing more now than when this arc started and as I hoped, the roughness of the first issue of the new arc seems to have been a short settling in period, both for the team and for me as a reader. The story is now trucking along with a nice balance of classic action and situations and some twists and turns. And since I’ve been lamenting it from the beginning, I will give credit that they finally touched a bit on what happened to reconcile Etta and Diana after the events of the last arc. Now my burning question is how Diana will escape with her life and with her heart unscathed. And also where she keeps that cell phone while she’s fighting.


Conclusion: Overall this has become a solid arc, exploring Diana’s past and present, her convictions, her friendships, and her heart. After an uncertain startup, I am now looking forward to each new issue and the continuation of a satisfying story.


Rating: 9/10


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