Indie Spotlight: Songs For the Dead #1

Songs of the Dead #1

Created By: Michael Christopher Heron & Andrea Fort
Art by: Sam Beck
Cover Art: Nick Robles
Lettering: Deron Bennett

Synopsis: This a fantasy series about a necromancer named Bethany who travels the land trying to be a hero, and trying to remove the bad stigma of being a necromancer in this 3 part series.

Bethany travels to the foreign land of Alavesh leaving home because her parents were afraid and ashamed of her powers. She is not a very complex character, she is trying to do the right thing for innocent people. We do not learn to much about the protagonist Bethany in this first issue aside from all that.What is interesting about her though is that she shows fear when she meets her foe, but we see a lot of compassion from her character. That makes her a little less one dimensional.

We start start of the story with her looking for some good she can do, justices she can serve, she comes across the corpse of a boy that had been missing. He had not died of natural causes; but was murdered. Bethany reanimates the boy so she could find out who murdered him and he could get his justice. We come across people who want to use her power for evil and abuse it. Bethany gets help from a double agent named Elissar who is a pretty badass female character who adds more edge to the story. Why does she decide to help? They kill and reanimate their way out of the dungeon. (Badass!)

Elissar tells Bethany about a covenant where necromancers live among each other in peace, away from the fear humanity feels toward them. I would like to see more character development with our protagonist Bethany and why she wanted to become a hero. It is kind of clear why she has fear of living in a society that is not so accepting necromancers, especially since they’re not all evil Hellraisers. I hope this opens up more if she can trust what she’s heard, trust Elissar, and see if this actually raises hell!


Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts: This kind of style isn’t super up my alley, but I’m sure people who like fantasy would be fond of it. It has everything most fantasy type series would have magic, death, mystery, and adventure. Kind of hard for me to stay gripped, but it can be a fun read for someone else! It kind of gives me an “Over The Garden Wall” (remember that cartoon? It was cool) vibe for some reason. I have hopes the second issue will be better and open up a lot more into characters backstories and their motives behind what they are doing and why. I am digging the Not So Evil Dead.

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