May the power protect us (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1 Trade Paperback review)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1

Written By: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Hendry Prasetya

Colors By: Matt Herms

Can Tommy overcome Rita’s influence or will her control over him tear the team apart?

What You Need to Know

The story picks up after the Rangers successfully (or so they believe) bringing Tommy Oliver over to the side of good and away from Rita’s clutches.  Throughout the story Tommy has to battle hallucinations of Rita undermining his confidence to the point that he loses control of the Dragonzord during a battle and destroys part of a bridge.

The conflict continues as Rita uses her minions to lure Tommy and the other Rangers into combat in order to charge up a crystal that uses his green chaos energy to charge a crystal that she plans to use to control the Dragonzord against the Rangers, further driving a wedge between the team and Tommy.  The tension between Tommy and Jason, Tommy and Zack, and Tommy and Kimberly is palpable throughout the story, and is only compounded by the constant hallucinations that drive Tommy to disregard orders from both Jason and Zordon in an attempt to prove that not only is he free from Rita’s influence, but also that he is a viable member of the Power Ranger team.

What You’ll Find Out

Everything is part of a grand plan concocted by Rita to sow dissent between the Ranger team that already has a deep mistrust of Tommy and his Green Ranger powers (especially considering that he already tried to destroy them while Rita’s thrall).  She shows that she can reach Tommy at any time, including when he thinks he is safe at home and even threatens his mother through her underling Scorpina who successfully goads Tommy into fighting her in order to charge the crystal; every moment of combat powers up the crystal more and more.

The infighting and conflict between the Rangers’ leader and their newest member only exacerbates the problem, even after Scorpina is defeated and incarcerated in the Ranger’s Command Center, the now-shattered crystal still absorbs chaos energy until it reforms, builds to a critical level and explodes.  A huge portion of the Command Center is destroyed and the Rangers are left stunned and disoriented.  They begin to come to their senses just as a massive and terrifying new creature emerges from a portal that was created by the crystal exploding and informs the Rangers of its intentions.

It is there to destroy them.


What Just Happened:

Rita used Tommy’s insecurities and the team’s mistrust of him against them all and played them all against each other in an attempt to expand the schism that already existed within the group.  Concurrently she used that very discord as the impetus to the Rangers’ destruction; their infighting powered the very tool that brought about a creature specifically engineered to destroy all that Zordon and the Rangers created.


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts:

I liked the art and the storytelling of this book quite a bit.  There was a lot of excellent dialogue between the characters that really detailed the growing conflict between the various members of the group.  There were some interesting liberties told by the storytellers as well, such as the pterodactyl zord dislodging from the main Megazord construct in the midst of battle to rescue the cars that were falling from the bridge that was accidentally destroyed by the Dragonzord in the first battle.  As someone who grew up with the live-action show when it originally aired, I found this to be an interesting take on the character.


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