Finster’s actually a threat?! (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18 Comics Review)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18

Written By: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Hendry Prasetya with assistance by Daniel Bayless (pages 11-22)

Colors By: Matt Herms (pages 1-10), Joana LaFuente with Matt Herms (pages 11-22)

How can you know who the monsters are when they blend in so easily?

What You Need to Know:

Zordon is missing, and the Rangers are doing what they can to carry on in his absence as Alpha-5 and a sentient sword called Saba work on a way to bring him back.  As a means to this, the Rangers meet with a government agent names Grace Sterling to discuss the disappearance of two pilots who went missing without a trace in the Carpathian Mountains.  The Rangers are sent in to investigate after detailed imaging reveals that there is an entire town being obscured by a dense purple fog that Sterling believes may have something to do with Rita.

What You’ll Find Out:

There is an entire city of people who seem to not only look the same but think and act the same as well.  It turns out that they are creations by Rita’s creature designer Finster disguised to look like humans to more easily blend in and wreak havoc.  Upon further investigation, the entire crop of subjects is based off of the look of the two missing pilots.  A battle ensues and Finster is taken prisoner and held in the Command Center.

Zack tries to convince Jason to work with Grace Sterling instead of trying to monitor everything on earth by himself as he looks for ways the Rangers can use their powers and abilities to help people around the globe.  Jason barely has a second to consider this when an alarm goes off in the Command Center and a news broadcast pops up on the screen in front of them talking about a monster that burst forth from a human form and both Jason and Zack are forced to wonder how many more of the monsters Finster created before they were able to stop him, and how many were out in the world.

What Just Happened:

Finster successfully created a monster that could infiltrate into the heart of populated areas before revealing its true self in order to cause as much chaos as possible.  Even while captured he is still able to give the Rangers trouble and send them running around the world to battle.

Rating: 6/10


Final Thoughts:

The storytelling seemed a bit rushed, with several pages of the book centering on a story about Squatt and Baboo traveling inter-dimensionally and causing trouble by killing innocent Zords (as they are the size of Zords themselves) based on how they look.  In my opinion, this should have been scaled back a bit to focus more on the monsters created by Finster, including a wizard named Boarlock and a creature named Karmadillo- an armadillo who knows Kung Fu.  I would much rather know why these creatures are fighting with Finster against the Rangers than see the Squatt and Baboo story.

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