Birds Vs Clowns, who will come out on top? (Harley Quinn #27 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #27 Review-Master Of Her Domain

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Eleonora Carlini

Cover: Jill Thompson

Variant Cover: Frank Cho & Sabine Rich

Synopsis: Penguin wants to built a casino in Coney Island where Harley and all her buddies live. If this goes through, they will all lose their homes. She’s trying to negotiate peacefully then aggressively, then she’s bullied by Penguin and her plan backfires.


What You Need To Know: It’s been a while since Harley Quinn and The Joker have been that psycho “cute” couple. Reality set in, that relationship isn’t so cute when you realize how abusive it was. I’ve said this before, I mean I get the appeal since it’s just a comic book ship, but a lot of people really hate New 52 (I know this is not New 52, but Rebirth kind of takes after that with this whole series) Harley Quinn and her in the new comics because she is not with The Joker. I mean, they say it’s more than that, but come on that’s really what it comes down to for Harley Quinn purists. She has given up her life of being a villain and is still living as a quirky antihero and on a roller derby team. ANYWAYS, she is not in affiliate with Penguin, they just kind of co-existed since she is not a villain or had any reason to thwart plans, etc,etc.


What You’ll Find Out: Penguins can be scary as heck. Yeah, like giant mutated penguins from S.T.A.R. Labs who eat people.  Harley can be scary, but maybe not as menacing as she needs to be to face off with someone like him. Well, she could probably take him in a fair fight, his penguins, not so much. Is there anything that could scare the Penguin out of building this casino and to stop bullying the residents? Someone you would expect to be terrifying but definitely wouldn’t expect to be in this series. And who could this megalomaniac be? I’ll let know find out. There’s a hell of a twist!


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts: Funny, quirky, everything I expect from a Harley Quinn comic. Rarely disappoints. I do enjoy the artwork, although I favor John Timms. Same with the cover, I prefer Amanda Conner and Alex’s Sinclair’s cover art, but Carlini and Thompson are great too!

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