Power Rangers to the rescue (Go Go Power Rangers #2 Comic Review)

Go Go Power Rangers #2

Written by: Ryan Parrott

Colored By: Raul Angulo

Illustratrated By: Dan Mora

Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire

What you need to know:

This series of Power Rangers is set just after getting their powers and adapting, the team set out on a daring rescue in enemy territory on the moon to rescue the astronauts being held by Rita Repulsa but have they estimated her.

What just happened?

So this issue begins with a bit of fun and is set before the team become Power Rangers, in this flash back we have the human element part of the tale as Kimberly and her first date with Matt before arrival day.

Then bang we are on the moon and in the middle of a war zone as our team try to rescue the astronaut hostages.

Rita clearly seeing this as an opportunity attempts to manipulate the team by offering them the chance to surrender and the Earth will be safe, they decide to teleport out and the astronauts are send to NASA where something sinister seems to be going on.

It seems Zordon is also not the saint that is expected, when the teams want to tell their families to protect them, he simply says do so and forfeit your powers and Earth will not have any protectors anymore. Rita words on the moon about Zordon start to give our teenage heroes certain doubts.

So we return to normal day life and see Trini having an everyday conversation with her Mother, Bulk and Skull causing hassle at school and it’s clear after arrival day things have not returned to normal as a number of students are absence from school.

Trini and Jason skip final period and go out to the Rockies where we learn they have only been Rangers for a few days.

They Morph and practice battling each other whilst learning their powers, meanwhile Billy is in the command centre building a communication device.

There is storm coming as Rita sends a new Monster to Earth but not all is as it seems.

Final Thoughts

I Love how they are showing the teens being uneasy with their powers and that they need to learn in comic where in the original series it was just a given without any explanation.

The Art is cool and we get some really good action shots in the fight scenes and some fantastic facial expressions.

I feel like I am being provided with a real connection to the characters as we get to know them, the flash backs work well as we do want to see how they became Power Rangers.

Boom Studios are providing old and new fans with a fresh take on the most iconic children shows in the world and I cannot wait for the next instalment.

Rating: 10/10

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