A reunion covered in green (Green Arrow #30 Comic Review)

Green Arrow #30

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art and Colors: Otto Schmidt

What we know:

Ollie is still on his travels around country trying to destroy the ninth circle in any way he can.  He has ran into a number of different former associates in his long chase going from Seattle across the country to Gotham and now heads to the desert and area 51.

What you will find out:

The cover alone foreshadows who will show up in this issue and we are not disappointed as Hal Jordan shows up and the two old frenemies now have a quick discussion of where they stand with each other.  The discussion they have is some of the best dialogue in the book, even though it has a bit of a deja vue moment from the previous meeting with the dialogue between Ollie and Batman from the last issue.

The reveal:

It is good to see that Ollie and Hal can work together and has on old time feel from the Green Lantern and Green Arrow run from Dennis O’Neal in the seventies.  The chemistry from these two is organic and the dialogue is easy and comes almost naturally from the two characters.  During the interesting talk we find out that the ninth circle has become big brother and they are watching through satellites.  Arrow and Lantern travel into space and try to find the offending satellite to take it and the ninth circle down.  We are left with a good old fashioned cliffhanger that may be a little cliché, it is still interesting and leaves us wondering what will happen in the next book.

Meanwhile Percy has been giving us little bit of action back in Starr City with Black Canary and Red Arrow following up on the people trafficking problem happening there.  At most it has been two or three pages at most during the issue, but it is a good and compelling story that should get more pages in the book.

Final thoughts:

Percy probably should not get too much credit for being original in this issue the devices he uses, with the old friend guest star, going into space to find out about the bad guys are all classic comic book staples.  However because of his ability to write credible and flowing dialogue it works for the book.  He has set the stage for the classic cliffhanger and we will see if he gets credit for the way he works on getting our hero out of it.

Schmidt should get a lot of credit first of all for his cover on the book, the use of the Green Lantern logo highlighting Ollie on the cover is really nice way of clueing the casual fan into who may be in the book.  His insides are credible and useful for the telling of the story, his faces are not clearly defined especially when he is not drawing super heroes such as on the first panel.  He does do a credible Green Arrow for me.

Final thought:

A good issue overall, liked the dialogue and the story moved to a new level and continued to evolve, this storyline of the Hard Traveling Hero has been a good way to introduce former teammates of Ollie back into the book while moving the storyline along.  A good read but down a little bit because of the sameness of the dialogues that occurred between Ollie and his two former teammates from last issue two issues.

Rating: 6/10

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