Jessica needs Green Lanterns. Not Red Shirts! (Green Lanterns #30 Comic Review)

Green Lanterns #30

Writer: Sam Humphries

Art by: Matt Santorelli, Carlo Barberi

Covers: Andrew Hennessy, Bradley Walker

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know

Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, are trapped in the past. The First Lantern, named Volthoom, threatens the Guardians as the two prepare the original Green Lanterns for a fight for which, they are definetly not ready.

What You’ll Find Out

Finally, the fight between the Green Lanterns and the First Lantern that’s been built up has arrived! Let’s see how well Jess trained these rookies, shall we?


What Just Happened

Volthoom interacts with the Maultusians who aren’t Guardians and easily impresses them with his powers. They get along with him and he doesn’t seem very malicious for a bit until his mood swings start. The emotions he goes through are illustrated quite well with the different colors and logos surrounding him as he rants about the Guardians. The fact that he can be compassionate does give him a small sliver of hope… until the phsychopath looks directly at the Maltusians he was just having a civil conversation with a straight face and threatens to kill some of their people, even their children in a desperate attempt to get the Guardians to come to him, so he can kill them. Both creepy and terrifying.

When the Lanterns finally blindslide Volthoom, he shows just how powerful he is by brutally killing several of them in the span of this one issue. This does a great job of conveying the antagonists power, motivates the others to fight harder, and makes me fear all these new Lanterns were created just to be killed off, since half of them are already dead and they’ve only appeared in a handful of issues. It’s just a shame we never got much character development from these guys. They had so much potential. But their deaths are used well enough to further Simon and Jessica’s development I suppose. It is their book after all.

During the fight, Volthoom gets a hold of Jess, and incentivizes Simon, armed with nothing but his fists, to stands up to the maniac. This move could have made him more brave than Hal or Guy. Instead, he comes off a bit stupid. But it does lead to a scene of all the deceased lanterns rings choosing him all at once, which was pretty cool. And I am interested to see how he fairs against the First Lantern with all this new power.

Rating: 5/10

Final Thoughts

The New Lanterns are being killed off before a significant attachment can be made. They’re mostly just there for Simon and Jess’ development, but they had so much potential. Ultimately, they’re barely more than red shirts.

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