Listen to the Laughter and tremble in fear (The Shadow #2 Comic Review)

The Shadow #2

Written by: Si Spurrier & Dan Walters

Art by: Daniel HDR

Colored by: Natalie Marques

Lettered by: Simon Bowlands

What you need to know:

The mystery being known to the world only as the Shadow was burnt to a crisp and has lost his memory but nurse Mary knows his secret will she help him?

What just happened?

So this issue begins with the Shadow’s insane laugh as he goes on rampage, he is after an unknown old man and slaughters his body guards to get to him.

During the first few pages of action I thought I was going to find out how the shadow was so badly hurt as he almost fell into a fire place, however it’s far too early to have these kind of secrets spilled.

But alas this is not a flashback segment but a news report of the incident which took place in New York filmed by the police and leaked last Month. Is this connected to Shadow’s accident and memory loss.

I am at this point interested to find out why the shadow wants the old man, did he succeed and is our mysterious assailant even relevant in this world.

It appears that there is a political connection to the old man and the President but it would be crazy for the Shadow to make such a statement, I sense there is a larger agenda taking place.

Moving on our hero or maybe villain is recovering in his hospital bed with our favourite nurse nightingale. She suggest carrying out some technics to help him remember and bam we are back in 1929.

So in this scene we have a pimp, a whore with her crying baby as well as two other gents trapped whilst the gangsters make their way towards their location up the stairs above a bar where only bodies lay on the floor in a pool of blood.

Our vigilante arrives and ends Evil but advises the owner he will be watching, whilst being asked to name the baby, I wonder if the boy will become worthy.

Back to the now Mary tries to snap the shadow out of his trance but is there something darker at hand. After coming across a website which is being used for amateur’s to take justice into their hands due to what the Shadow has done in the past, Mary panics thinking the government will blame the Shadow and rushes back to the hospital.

Upon arriving back at the hospital we witness the connection between the 1929 flashback and the fire in the present day but what is it?



Final Thoughts

The art continues to blow my mind with how it shows how dark the Shadow is operating against evil with some fantastic panels and colouring.

The issue in my opinion really flows and I am intrigued to find out more about the Shadow in what is shaping up to being some fantastic story telling as Dynamite Entertainment bring this classic anti-hero back to life..

Rating: 10/10

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