“Come back in one piece, okay?” (Spider-Gwen #23 Comic Review)

Spider-Gwen #23


Written by: Jason Latour

Art by: Robbi Rodriguez

Cover by: Kris Anka


The Predators arc is still going strong, however, in this issue, we focus on those left behind: The Mary Janes.


What You Need to Know:

Gwen is on the run in Madripoor with the ever scaly Harry Osborn, latest victim of the Lizard mutagen. Gwen discovered that she, using her power ups, is the only person that can host the needy black ooze that comes out of an afflicted host. When, we last left Gwen, she had accepted her fate and became one with the symbiote.


In this Issue:

Gwen is no where in sight. We have Mary Jane, Glory, and Betty fretting about the upcoming Mary Janes show and how they’re going to get by with Gwen MIA. Mary Jane is adamant that Gwen is Spider-Woman because they’re never with Gwen when Spider-Woman appears on tv. Glory and Betty of course think she’s full of baloney.This issue continues in the daily life of 3 girls in the city. Mary Jane runs into an ex, who lent her vinyls, which she in turn lent to a girl who now hates her. Drama at it’s finest for Sex and the City on ABC Family. I kid, obviously, but Jason Latour really understands how girls work and how to give appropriate dialogue.

Betty ended up being the one to go get the records and is immediately harassed by some guy demanding to know why she rejected him and wanting her phone to prove whether or not she has a boyfriend. He picked a bad time to harass her; in front of MJ and Glory. Mary Jane laid this boy out on the side walk with one right hook.The Mary Janes play their show without Gwen, and it goes fine. Although, 1/3 of and the namesake of The Mary Jane worries greatly about her super (literally super) bff.


Final Thoughts:

Like I touched on, Jason LaTour understands girl talk and socialization so well that I often forget I’m reading a story written by a guy. Robbi Rodriguez’s art is always lovely in this conext. They come together perfectly accenting femininity and the colors show how, while bright, the world can be a dark place for a girl on her own. I mentioned last time that I was ready for The Mary Janes to know Gwen’s identity, and I’m happy even if only MJ believes. It just makes me wonder, will they still know their friend once the symbiote takes hold?


Rating: 9/10


Review By: Jessica Brake

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